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TGS: Disappointment

Labeled With  Tokyo Game Show Jessica Chobot
Written by Jessica Chobot on Monday, November 14 2005

Being that I’m such a Japanophile, I was utterly geeked to hit up TGS in Tokyo this past September. My first convention being this years E3 in LA, I still consider myself to be a bit of a noob about the whole Con scene, so excitement and enthusiasm for these events are still at an all time high for me.

That’s why, after a 19 hour plane flight, a bar night to rival that of Roman Bacchus saturnalias, and one kidnapping later, the dejection at my first TGS attendance hit me like a shovel upside my hung over cranium.

First off, the booths. Shoddy and unimaginative at best, Sony and Microsoft had the poor man’s version of their E3 models (Nintendo didn’t even bother showing-with the exception of their press conference and controller debut). As for content, there was nothing really all that wonderfully “new” there that one didn’t already catch at E3...with the exception of some PC games, Devil May Cry 4 cut scenes and the Biohazard (Resident Evil) air gun paraphernalia (which was awesome). Sony had a good showing on the PSP games list, but no new content for PS3 (or nothing I saw anyway). Xbox wouldn’t even let me take pics of their booth, let alone any of their games, even with my press pass. So I ignored them all together just out of spite and pissed-offedness.

Swag-wise things were pretty weak too. Maybe I was the cause of my own demise on the swag-tip since I missed the first day (hence the above-mentioned kidnapping [long story]), but it seemed I couldn’t snatch anything worthwhile. Demos had already been all passed out, plushies were slim pickings, and I couldn’t read any of the information packets (not that that is anyone’s fault but my own).

In all honesty, the best part of the event were the cosplayers. Big time hard-core and seriousness abounded. Some even exchanged business cards (which was crazy impressive). Running the gamut from Street Fighter II to Naruto and everything in-between, the cosplayers were easily the only thing worth seeing.

Unfortunately, TGS proved to be a combination of too little content and too many people. With the exception that it was held in Tokyo (which instantly moved it up the “coolness” ladder by infinite amounts) from a gaming standpoint (and press standpoint), things just weren’t up to snuff. So, if you got the money and time to blow-by all means, attend TGS hit up Akihabara and Rappongi and generally go wild. If not, save up your dough for the new systems and a potential attendance at next years E3.


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