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The Worst Games Ever Hyped
The title says it all

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Written by DDR on Monday, November 14 2005

There is a trend theses days in the game industry that is something which, while necessary, is something we all could do without. I'm talking, of course, of the tendency for any game (whose publisher deems worthy) to be given a marketing blitz that blankets and confuses the gaming public. This has led to many a abysmal game being pushed upon unsuspecting buyers, with little or no thought as to repeat business.

In tribute to this recent practice, we decided to do something a little different. Any website can bring you the worst games of all time, but you know us here at GR (formerly CQ), we just can't leave well enough alone. So, in the hopes of inciting riots we bring you the most over-hyped games of recent times in no particular order. Enjoy!

Mario Sunshine

This is Gamecube's entry in the to foray of the Mario world. The game itself was average at best. The hype on the other hand, was choice. The leaked screenshots and info started almost a full year before the Japanese release. Promises were made and broken, release dates came and went, and the game, when it finally arrived, was good but certainly not the great masterpiece that was deserved. Definitely not up to the hype.

Knights Of The Old Republic II

Oh where do I begin on this gem. First off let me say that the original KOTOR was one of gaming's masterpieces, a true shining example of what an adventure RPG should be. Now, KOTOR2 on the other hand, was akin to what Jeb Bush is to President Bush. You could also say the hype for this game started the week after the original KOTOR was released. In fact if my memory serves, the official sequel announcement was made only a mere month or two after the original's release. TV spots, a magazine blitz, and a promise to be bigger and better than the original. As it turned out, after the first greuling 3 hours of the game when it finally starts to pickup, you realize that the story is not even coherently formed. There are characters that never even get addressed in the entire game. There is even rumor they pushed it out so fast that they left out vital cut-scenes. Choice hype, paltry game.

The Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64. The successor to the wildly popular Super Nintendo. What a surprise we got when Nintendo decided to institute their short ship policy. They had consoles but held them back until well after the holiday season to create demand. Not a bad idea at all, but many a buyer fell for it. Eighty dollar games, paying American Express $1000 dollars to get you a console, it was priceless. What a horrid surprise the buyers were in for when only a handful of great games were ever released for the system, not to mention what is widely considered to be the #2 worst game in history, Superman 64. Nintendo's decision to go with cartridge instead of disc was, of course, wrong, and parent who had to spend extra money on a RAM pack were not amused. By the way the next college frat jock bonehead who swears to me that "um Bond is the best game ever made, bro" is going to get it greek style from my friend the inmate. This system was not hip to its own hype.

The Halo Series

Oh how the e-mails will flow for this one. I don't want to hear it! This game is a fine FPS there is no mistaking that, but people, it is still just an FPS! This game has FPS features that have been on PC for years now, and put it to a control pad and its the best thing since sliced bread? I don't think so people. The game is entertaining no doubt, but it is not revolutionary or innovative, and if I hear those words used to describe the series again I'm going to club a baby seal. If I had to choose a winner in this article it would be the Halo series.

Metal Gear Solid 2

The Metal Gear series is widely considered to be games with the highest production values in the industry. Even the trailers are masterpieces. When we saw the MGS2 trailer from E3, with the music swelling, the high flying aerobatics, and the beautiful women, we immediately fell in love. How could we not? The first MGS was a true highpoint in gaming. So we eagerly awaited the release of MGS2, we got the game, booted it up, and were treated to a spectacular opening scene. We played along for an hour or two enjoying ourselves immensely, and then it happened. What can only be described as a complete fall out of all reason. The producers of MGS2, decided for some reason, that instead of playing Snake, a hard talking, tough as nails, swarthy character, we would have much more fun playing Raiden. Raiden is a Fabio looking, hard dancin', hairdressin' mofo. He is so light in the loafers I once got him to levitate. Oh Konami, I think you are more than likely still reeling from this decision, but since MGS3 was such an amazing game I forgive you - for now.

The Grand Theft Auto Series

Out of all my choices, I am fairly confident that this one is going to cause the most controversy. This game is a hype factory. Even when it is not trying to be, some kid will run out in his overalls and shoot the local sheriff. Then the right wind nutcases in Washington along with famous anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson will jump all over it at the mere mention of the fact that the boy played a video game. Once. Five years ago. When he was in China. Be that as it may, this game is not even good! What is wrong with you people? Have you been so blinded by the mindless violence and sex that Rockstar can hide an average run and gun game behind it? Apparently a lot of you are. I don't want to hear this game is great because you can screw a hooker either. Tell you what I have a game for you, it's called Grand Theft VD. You go to the worst neighborhood you can and find a hooker who will do anything for 5 dollars. Make that 2 dollars. Then fool around with her. There, you win! In fact everyone who plays wins! Uh oh, I just checked my e-mail, there's one from Rockstar with a game offer!

Well, there you have it folks. The list, I'm sure, has at least one game on it you hold close to your heart. I'm sure the emails will flow the second this is posted, but someone had to say it. Join us over in the forums and flame your heart out, tell my why my I should be sterilized so my genes cannot be passed on. I invite you.


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