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Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run Q&A

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Written by DM on Tuesday, March 07 2006

We got a chance to speak with Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run producer Jeremy Airey about the game and all the new features in this third installment. Here's what he had to say.

Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run sounds like it wil be a much more cinematic game than the previous SH games. Can you tell us a bit about what brought this change on?

We wanted this version of Spy to play out more like an action movie than a video game. Previous versions of Spy Hunter had you collecting points to move to the next level by doing things like dodging cones, jumping a certain distance, collecting nav beacons, etc. All fundamental classic gameplay elements – which are all fun in their own right. However, we wanted to add more substance to the experience, a story that drives itself forward. We have over 50 cinematics that bring together and link the objectives, rewards, and ‘levels’ in the game.

The game stars The Rock, how did he get involved with the project and was he your first choice?

I’d like to say we thought long and hard on having Dwayne in the game – but it was a pretty easy decision. We knew we wanted someone with a dark and light side that could really fill the action hero role and really sell the idea of Alex Decker, Spec ops combat pilot. Dwayne was at the top of the list as the first though, and we were like, that’s it! We went with our gut instinct and we’ve been pleased with that choice.

Does The Rock just do the voice over work or did you motion capture him as well?

Not only did Dwayne do voice work for the game, he did a full body and head scan, as well as one hell of a motion capture session for his character – Alex Decker. I was thoroughly impressed on how much effort and passion Dwayne put into both the voice and mo-cap sessions. He was great to work with!

Now players can step out of the car and take control of The Rock in third person mode. Can you tell us a bit about this form of the game? Will players be able to get out of the Spy Hunter car anywhere or only in certain areas?

For the first time ever, players can get out of the car in Spy Hunter. Early on we had the motto ‘anytime anywhere’. This became problematic fairly quick because we played our own worst enemies. It made it feel more like a sandbox world and not like a classic arcade driver like Spy, but with 3rd person elements. With the way we were constructing the story and the levels, it became clear on the best way for us to proceed. We had classic Spy Hunter like driving, with 3rd person elements you were forced into via the story that continuously take you back and forth between the 2 major modes of play. In addition, we have the melee element to third person which adds another nice touch to the experience.

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Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run

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