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Use Your PSP To Save Xbox Games

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Written by CQ on Monday, November 14 2005

Well well, we over at CQ, not being content with leaving well enough alone, have figured out a way to use your PSP to carry XBOX game saves. Thats right XBOX. **Keep in mind this will ERASE ALL YOUR PSP SAVES. Back them up first. Here is what you need to do:

1. Get a PSO USB keyboard adapter from XBOX.com. That or any other USB adapter for the XBOX controller.

2. Go to the MS dash Memory section.

3. Plug your PSP USB cable in to the PSO USB adapter. Put your PSP in USB mode. Wait for the XBOX to detect it and pick "ERASE."

4. Copy any saves you like on to your PSP.

5. When you are done reformat your PSP Memory Stick in the PSP System Options and you can use it for PSP again.

See, we are always thinking outside the (x)box here at CQ. When will you ever need to use this you ask? Maybe never but the point is you can. Always exploring the possible, that is CQ. Now don't you deliquents go doing anything illegal using XBOX saves and blame it on us when you get caught. Thanks again Faceless.


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