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Next-Gen Gaming - A New Scene Or An Old One Rehashed?

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Written by Cellfish on Thursday, January 25 2007

Nevertheless, the Playstation 2 has cemented its place in history as one of the most successful machines of all-time. It confirmed Sony’s position as the number 1 manufacturer of video game consoles and DVD’s conquest of the home video market. With the Playstation 3 though, Sony has to try to convince the world that the Cell processor is the most capable processing architecture and that BluRay is the media of the future. If the Playstation 3 were a car and Sony a dealer, the car you would be taking a look at would have a 120 horsepower engine that has the potential to attain speeds of a 500 horsepower engine if used properly and an 8-speaker stereo system on which only the music of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince could play. Not only is the company selling you potential in the place of content, they are selling you something that at first glance seems to pale in comparison to other offerings. Do you want to run a 120 horsepower engine or would you prefer to have 200 horses? Would you accept to only play Jackson, Madonna and Prince on your 8-speaker stereo or would you like to possibly listen to every band in the world on all eight of those speakers? What if I told you that I can get you a car with 200 horses and a 6-speaker system for 5000$ less from this company called Microsoft?

To some gamers, the answers to these questions are fairly obvious. People who have been around games will either buy the console that has the better games at the time of purchase, or the one from the company with a better reputation. So what would you do if at the time of your purchase, one console was severely underpowered but offered a very low price and a great company reputation, one was very well powered and offered excellent games with a decent company reputation and the one that you were eyeballing for the longest time was not only much more expensive, but had no games at all, features that were entirely useless at the time of your purchase, and a reputation that in the span of a year was completely eradicated?

The year ahead will be an interesting one: the 360 will try to defend its current lead in the next-generation race with quality titles like Lost Planet and Crackdown; the Wii will try to overtake the 360 with its innovative approach to gaming and Nintendo’s solid reputation for quality titles; and Sony will try to reclaim its throne as the leader in video games, a title it has owned for two generations already. God knows which of the three will triumph in the end. However, a more detailed observation of what’s in store for owners of the three systems will give us all a clue.

Much like it’s the two previous generations, Nintendo is offering little to look forward to in retail titles and is quickly populating its Virtual Console library with classic titles of the past to try to keep its owners’ eyes solely on its underpowered, gimmick console. Sony is largely releasing its own version of titles already available on the 360 and another anticipated Final Fantasy title, all the while sending a very prized title in God of War 2 to its older console. It is also playing catch-up to the 360 with firmware releases in the hope that it will eventually offer the same quality of services as the 360. Microsoft, on its side, will try to take advantage of the predictable interest in Windows Vista by showcasing the 360 as a complement to the multimedia experience that is its operating system to defend its current lead in the next-generation race. It will show how both units work hand in hand to provide the user with unparalleled entertainment. It will also play host to a slew of anticipated releases in Blue Dragon (from the creator of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger), Crackdown (from the creator of Grand Theft Auto) and Mass Effect (from the creators of the Knights of the Old Republic series). Call me a fanboy, but this race does not seem all too fair.

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