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Top 10 Reasons Xbox360 Will Be Crowned King

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Written by Adam on Thursday, January 25 2007

Top 10 reasons Xbox 360 will be crowned king of consoles (geek edition)

“Just for the record this is in no way a bashing or fanboy perspective. I am just calling right-down-the middle and posting out the facts”

10 - Welcome to Billy land people. Bill gates is on a command & conquer mission to take over the gaming world. We saw it happen in the pc market with windows. And if he can’t beat the competition’s product (ex: Netscape) then he’ll just give his away for free like (Internet explorer).

9 - Do you think Microsoft has a huge money pit like Scrooge Mcduck?
Of course they do, how else can they afford all the original IP’s heading to the 360.

8 – Great minds at work, on the technical stand point the Xbox team are top notch. The programming involved to incorporate all the features in XBL such as voice / video chat, one collective friends list and of course the gamercard. These are all great implementations (all copyrights reserved)

7 – DEVLEOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, you have to love Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer motivational speeches. This man will have you believing you just developed the warp core. With a CEO this energetic & confident about his product how can you go wrong? He is one of the main reasons so many developers have jumped aboard in the first place.

6 – Promises of the future…with visuals. We heard about IPTV but at this year’s CES we had visuals. The idea of watching TV or recording TV while playing a game online is truly amazing,true,it’s not available yet but in terms of future plans for a console Microsoft are the first to announce such a plan.

5 – ACHIVEMENT UNLOCKED! This is gamer crack; I have seen causal gamers turn into straight up junkies. There is just something very gratifying to see that bubble popup that makes you want more. For the hardcore gamer it’s the undisputed answer. The days of bragging to your friends how to beat this or that game are over. We now have visual proof. This one feature alone has lured many gamers to focus strictly on the Xbox 360. Just ask stripclubdj.

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