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Top 10 Reasons Xbox360 Will Be Crowned King

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Written by Adam on Thursday, January 25 2007

4 – Luck of the draw, Microsoft had a head start on the next-gen race and even though that doesn’t guarantee a reign as king of consoles it does help establish a community & relationship with developers working on next-gen games first. As for the luck part PS3 has had nothing but negative press since launch. It’s almost as bad as taco bell’s mad cow disease issue which they still have yet to get over. Oh yeah and the wii, well that’s not even on the same level, more live a novelty item then a console as least according to uncle Billy. I think everyone would agree that the wii is a innovative idea but as a console it will always play second or third fettle to Sony & Microsoft.

3 – SDK (software development kits) this is what developers received from the console manufactures to develop games for that system. It has already been made public that PS3 has the most difficult SDK to work with. This is why so many titles have been dropped or at least moved to the 360. Developers have spoken out regarding the new SDK as having to start from scratch which most publishers do not have the time or money to invest.

2 – Development expansion, Microsoft a few months back released XNA software for programmers to develop games for the Xbox 360 and support to play those created games on the 360. Now people I’m sure you understand the importance of game development but this right here is one of the biggest moves ever to be announced. A reader right now might be developing the next hit XBLA title. This really brings in the programming community and opens the door for new creative ideas.

1 – This one goes to a person who has changed the relationship between the gamer and console manufacture. He has single handling created a foundation for the Xbox live community. This man is Xbox live major nelson. He is the voice, the man behind the Curtin who on a weekly podcast answers questions and gives us an insight on the behind scenes happening like no other. When it comes to consoles or any product for that matter it all comes down to the end user, the people. If you build a relationship with the people they will feel better about the product and support the product. Major Nelson is that glue sticking us into the box..
Or maybe that’s the plan all along; for Microsoft has been referred to as “the Borg”… if that is true then prepare to be simulated.

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