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Written by All on Saturday, December 15 2007

In my consoles this week; Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3), MLB Power Pros (Wii), and NBA2K8 (360). After another amazing week of basketball, I had to go back to my one of my favorite all time franchises. The NBA2K series, once the pride of the Dreamcast, has evolved into THE premier basketball franchise spanning all the next-gen consoles. However, as great as NBA2K8 is, it could be simply amazing with one small additional feature; Updated Ratings.

Now, you're probably saying, "Wait, wait; bro, NBA2K8 has downloadable rosters. What are you talking about?" Downloadable rosters are just the beginning, and rosters that update 3 times a year don't accurately trend player progression and performance. EA's Madden 08 has it right on the money; constant updates immerse the player in the game because their favorite virtual team is evolving just like they are in real life.

So, Visual Concepts, do you want to bury NBA Live 08 once and for all? Immerse the player in the game even more so than you've already done; work a little harder on updating rosters more often. It's not just about trades, and free agent signings; it's about watching your favorite player progress in real life, then using them to destroy your friends online.

On Tap for next week; I’ll unleash verbal fury on Undertow (360 Arcade), the game with voice acting to rival your worst Japanese-to-English action movie translation. I’ll touch on Rock Band, one of the greatest 18-25 age demographic party games EVER. Well, maybe besides WWF No Mercy for the N64; we all know a session of playing that, combined with a couple alcoholic beverages and using your friends own special move on them (A+B+Analog Stick) equaled disaster.

Until Next Time! -HH

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