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Top 10 Gaming Gadgets & Accessories Of 2007

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Written by DM on Wednesday, January 09 2008

Well folks, 2007 has come to a close, and every website around has some sort of top list from the past year. Not wanting to be the odd men out, we have compiled our own list of the top 10 of 2007. We took a bit of a different route though, to give you a list that is not done 50 times over on other websites. We listed our top 10 video game accessories/gadgets from the past year. These items helped to make gaming the unique experience that it was in 2007 and still is, and, well, some are just really cool. Let’s jump right in.

10. The Razer Death Adder PC Gaming Mouse

For years now, Razer has consistently produced some of the top gaming mice available. This year alone, they debuted at least three new mice, all of which performed in excellent fashion. The cream of the crop is the Razer Death Adder. The Death Adder is not only the world’s first 3G infrared based mouse, but it also was Razer’s first real ergonomic mouse design. Their previous mice were smooth, but the Death Adder really fit gamer’s hands. Along with the patented Razer 1000hz USB ultrapolling drivers, this mouse makes PC gaming that much more exciting and beneficial. Keep up the good work, Razer.

9. The Sony Dual Shock 3

Ok, I know this one is not even out in the USA yet, but it has been out in Japan for a month now, and it sells out both overseas and in the USA as an import within minutes. This is the pad that should have been released with the Playstation 3 initially, but Sony decided to get cheap and did not want to pay the royalties to Immersion Corp in order to include rumble. I can tell you from experience, since I own one, you do not know what you have until it is first gone, then you get it back. Rumble just makes games that much better, and the Dual Shock 3 is a nice, heavy pad, that both rumbles and tilts with the greatest of ease. Make sure to grab a Dual Shock 3 when it hits US stores in March.

8. The Optimus Maximus Keyboard

This may not be strictly a gaming accessory, but it certainly can be used with games in order to make things that much more accessible. This is the fabled keyboard that uses oLED technology to literally make every single key face customizable via software. Basically, each key is a tiny LCD screen. Of course, this does mean the price is about $1500 USD, but as you can see by the link, it is one heck of a cool unit. When used in a gaming context, you can not only map any command to any key, but you can make the face of the key readout whatever you like in order to facilitate faster response times during games. If you can afford this baby, it is one heck of a gadget.

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