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GamersReporting Weekly - March 12, 2008

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Written by DM on Thursday, March 13 2008

Lastly, we need staff for sure for the project. If you are interested in becoming a moderator or a contributor, please email either me or Gotti at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]. We expect moderators to be unbiased, of course, but contributors can be as biased as all get out, in fact, the more biased, the better. If you think you want to write an article, write daily posts, or just become an official part of the project, drop us a line. This idea has the potential to be huge, guys, and we are counting on you to help us with it, because in the end, the bigger it gets, the more you guy benefit. Prizes, contests, and just the sheer power to sway opinions on the net are all at your fingertips, we just need to pull together and “get ‘er dunn!”

Now, on to what I played this week, ha! Seems trivial at this point, but holy cow Super Smash Bros for the Wii. Now, I enjoy a game with many unlockables as much as the next gamer, but let me break down SSBB for you on the Wii. There are two main modes, basically. The multiplayer parts of the game are made for play both online and off, and do not have much to do with unlocking the secrets of the game. Almost all the single player modes do play a part, though. The single player adventure game is basically a platform game that you must work your way though. It took me about 15 hours to finish this mode, and the worst part is that I’m fairly sure I did every thing I should, and it says 84% complete only. On top of this, there are still 3 characters left to unlock, and the methods supposedly used to grab these hidden players are not working. The game itself, don’t get me wrong, is fantastic. I mean if you forget about the fact that the disc Is literally bricking the odd Wii console, and the fact that load times are a bit weird since the Wii has to access the second disc layer for the first time, that is. These concerns are trivial though, this is definitely the best Wii game to date, and in my opinion it edged out Mario Galaxy by a hair. And yes, the sheer amount of unlockable items will have you playing this game until you eat, breathe, dream, potty, walk, sleep, and basically live Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

On the PS3, there is a neat little demo that hit the overseas PSN, in case you are interested. The name of the game is EchoChrome, and the demo features five playable levels. Now, this puzzler is quite unique. In fact, I am at a loss for words to explain exactly what it is. All I can tell you is that it uses weird 3D perspectives to force you, the gamer, to plot a course for your stick figure man to walk safely down the paths without falling off. That is literally all I can say without you having played the demo yourselves, so make an overseas PSN account, and grab the demo – it is well worth it to check out this ridiculously unique title. Of course, there is God Of War on the PSP, as well as a clever little rhythm/puzzler called Patapon. Both of these PSP games are out of this world, and I will have more on them next week.

This week on the Xbox360 has me still working on Dynasty Warriors 6, of course, but mostly that is pure tedium, as all the DW games are. Condemned 2 came out yesterday as well, and not only does it look fantastic, but the combat is so visceral, so real, that you will find yourself getting winded when playing, The game does suffer from a bit of FPS slowdown, but since the PS3 version was pushed back a week, I cannot even compare the two yet. On the XBLA there are two new puzzlers, Bliss Island, which is a mixed bag of simple flash-style games, and a Brain Age knock-off, complete with daily training and the like. I p[purchased this title because sometimes I just cannot stop and pull out the DS to train my brain. The game is adequate, but whether or not it is worth 800 MS points, that is for you to decide.

Well folks, that is the GamersReporting for this week. As per usual, you can contact us about any of this, or comment about it in our forums. The main point this week is that we all have to band together in order to make the new Flame Wars project a huge success. I will make you this promise, though. If you guys help us to make the new Flame Wars location into a new internet home for game debates, we will bring you all the prizes, contests, and free stuff that you can handle. Deal? Good. See you there tomorrow, bright and early!

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