GamersReporting Weekly - March 30, 2008

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Written by DM on Sunday, March 30 2008

Here we are again folks, time for that jumble of words on virtual paper called GamersReporting Weekly! I know, its Saturday and not Wednesday, and last week there was no GRW, but I was away, enjoying the sun, the fun, and the waffles, in Belgium! Well, not so much the Sun, but the fun and waffles for sure! Damn, you Belgians have it cold, it snowed 3 out of the 5 days me and my girlfriend were there. Yes, I have a girlfriend, unbelievable as it is, and yes, she is not a horribly deformed burn victim either. In fact, thanks again to our wonderful hjosts who allowed us to stay in their huge apartment while they stjayed with their parents. As you can see, I am still trying to get back to USA spjelling on some words! Just kidding, but with the wishy-washy-ness of the connection I had over there I could not attend to the weekly GRW post, so this one will have to cover things.

The plane ride over was the perfect place to dig out the handhelds, and dig them out I did. I must say, my main weapon of choice was the Sony PSP. While the DS has a much longer battery life and a much bigger assortment of fun, little, puzzle-type titles, the PSP just seemed to call to me for some reason. I mainly spent time playing Wipeout Pulse and God of War: Chains of Olympus. Both games are outstanding, folks, that and a tested out Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. I must say, Crisis Core was just not my favorite. It seemed like another title trying to capitalize on that Final Fantasy VII magic, and yet another game that just falls flat in doing so. Why Square continues to try to capture lightning in a bottle is beyond me, but hey, it will sell nonetheless. If you are a FFVII fan, buy it, if you are a FF fan in general, buy it, otherwise, do a bit of reading beforehand. The other two games for PSP that I mentioned though, you can go ahead and purchase them, you will not be disappointed. God of War is a bit short though, around 5 – 6 hours long.

When I left for vacation, I had to leave two brand new fantastic games behind, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the Xbox360 and Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for PS3. Then, the day after I got home, I went ahead and took receivership of another two great games, Viking: Battle for Asgard, and Dark Sector. Now, I have to work my way through all four games to get reviews up for your vultures in the next week or so. What I can tell you now though is that if you decide to put your hard-earned money towards any of the four, you will most likely not be upset from what I can tell so far.

This is also the third week of FlamingWars, folks. So far, the site is going pretty well, but at this point we need more signups on the forum. We will get some contests going for those who bring in members, and we still can use another moderator or two, if anyone is interested. The site is going to be big, we can already tell, give it 6 months or so, so you are going to want to be a part of it now, while its young, because in the future, that is going to count for something – trust me. Other than that, there is one more thing I can say before we close this edition out, and that is that FlamingWars is not the only website we had under wraps. We have one more on the way, and while it maybe another month or two before I can tell you more, I can reveal that if you are a reader who has children, this is going to be something you will want to keep an eye on. Let me go before I say too much though, and remember, any of you who want to submit anything to us we will review it and post it in the weekly GamingReports blog entry. See you in the funny papers, as they say.

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