GamersReporting Weekly - April 11, 2008

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Written by DM on Saturday, April 12 2008

Here we are again, time for that juicy bit of writing that holds all the secrets of the Universe, GamersReporting Weekly. This week has been particularly bad for me, health-wise, as I spent the first half in bed with a foot the size of a football. Be that as it may, GR cannot run itself, nor can our games game themselves for review. We are also nurturing the baby flower called FlamingWars, which is just about one month old. The site is small yet, but we have not begun to implement any of the features that will make it uniquely ours yet, so bear with us while this preview stage is in progress.

There is one thing I would love to get off my chest though, before we begin. Just what the heck is Sony doing? It seems like they simply just plum forgot that the PS3 is a game machine first. They have all but won the next-gen format war, and yet they are still making first day blunders like delaying GT5P for almost a day in Europe without a word! The PSN store simply did not have it show up. If Sony thinks things like the HOME virtual service and HD versions of old games like Wipeout are going to win over customers for much longer, they are sadly mistaken. Sure, games like MGS4 will hold off the mob a bit longer, but the PS3 does not even have 10 games from now until 2009 that I can say I want right now. Come on Sony, games like Hot Shots Golf are great, why can’t we have more games like that. Let’s shoot for one every two weeks huh? Anyway, Playstation 3 is a great piece of hardware, let’s not forget it plays games as well, huh Sony? Before we lose another Ken Kutaragi…

So, what did I get to play this week despite my health? More than you would think, actually. The recent games for the next-gen consoles have been sleepers, they are all actually fairly decent. Dark Sector is in interesting third person shooter that, unbelievably, does not use the UnrealEngine 3.0 to power it. The game is based on a rather cliché video game storyline, but it does not rely on the narrative much. Really though, the best thing about the game, and fans of obscure 80s fantasy movies will love this one, is that the main character gets a weapon called the Glaive. Yes, those of you who jumped up and yelled “Krull!” hit the nail right on the head. The spinning blade which you can control in flight (after a few levels), is straight out of our favorite fantasy 80s movie that no one has ever seen. It can even be used to light things on fire or electrify, if need be. It slices, it dices, it juliennes fries! Pick this game up if you have the means, and are a third person fan.

Viking, on the other hand, is a hack and slash title with RPG elements thrown in. Sega has finally got the slasher formula correct with Viking, after some questionable recent attempts. The game does get tedious at points, but the game is good, and surprisingly so. Also this week I picked up the Rocky & Bullwinkle add-on table for Pinball FX, one of my favorite XBLA games of all time, along with the add-on maps for Call of Duty 4. On the PS3, of course, there is Hot Shots Golf, as well as the Warhawk 1.3 update. Throw that all in with a dash of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and Ikaruga for Xbox live Arcade, and you have a pretty damn full week or so. So as you can see, there was much more to play this week than I originally thought. Good thing the next few weeks only holds Mario Kart on the Wii, ajnd maybe a game here or there. Then, once we pass the MGS4 and GTAIV week or two, we are on to the Summer lull, thankfully. This will really be the time when we catch up, and use the slower news and game release schedule to focus on our new site. Remember, folks, we still have a third, as-yet-unrevealed website in the wings. Well, it is late, and my warm girlfriend, I mean bed, is calling. As per usual, let us know what you think or don’t think, or complain about anything you like, and we will respond in kind in the next GamersReporting Weekly. See you in the funny papers.

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