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Written by DM on Monday, September 29 2008

Well, folks, the summer is gone, and back by popular demand is GamersReporring. Many of you were wondering where we went, but just like any other business, the Summer holds different responsibilities. It is Winter now though, or at least the road to Winter has begun, and it is time for your favorite opEd feature to return. But, enough about us. Let's get on to the subject at hand.

Much has transpired in the gaming world over the last few months. Mostly, Sony and the PlayStation 3 have still not gotten over that "hump." I know this will make many of you Sony fans instantly switch to defense mode, but the truth is, we are expecting a lot from PlayStation 3. None of us want the machine to fail, it is a great piece of technology. I just wish that Sony would stop all the non-gaming applications for now, and focus on some great games and getting them released over the next year. Yes, it is true that the first party Sony titles are all pretty damn good. With the exception of the new SOCOM, which has been received in beta form to mixed opinions, Sony has some great games on the horizon. Little Big Planet, which I have the privilege of playing in the beta form, is truly a great game. Not only that, but it is one of the most powerful level editors that I have ever seen on any platform, including the PC. You truly will be able to do anything at all. The problem is, and this is a problem that Sony seems to have with many of their games, regular gamers like myself will play the game for two weeks, enjoy it immensely, and then put it down when we finish. We may hang onto it for a while to check out the online levels here and there, but it is not the system seller that Sony is counting on. It will certainly be a must buy for the Animal Crossing/The Sims Online type player, and might possibly become the new standard of comparison for that group. For everyone else though, like I said, it will provide fun for a limited time only. To Sony's credit though, they are improving. Let's hope that 2009 is the year of the PS3.

The above subject also makes me want to mention one other thing, yet again. I know that you readers love to go on about how GamersReports is an Xbox 360 biased website. I keep trying to tell you that we enjoy all consoles equally. It just happens the Xbox 360 the console seems to always be in the news, and when we get sent games by the companies and publishers, the 360 version is usually the one they send. I will say this one more time. GamersReports loves their PlayStation 3, loves their Wii, loves their PC, loves their handhelds, and of course, loves their Xbox 360. We are just like a good parent, we love all our children equally! This is the last time I will go over this, so from now on say what you will.

Another thing which I would like to mention that I know many of you are going to disagree with, is the fact that EA Sports seems to have improved to a degree that they are worth purchasing games from. The NHL, NBA, NFL, and golf games from EA Sports this year, are all worthy titles. I know it is fashionable for gamers to despise EA across-the-board, but the fact is that if you are true gamer you play the games that you enjoy, and the games that are made well. EA Sports is finally got it right, at least to a degree, and they do deserve recognition for it.

Now, something that EA has done that I am not happy with, is the fact that they have bought two development houses that I consider, or considered for that matter, top-notch. Both the BioWare and pandemic Studios are now owned and operated under the EA banner. These companies have both produced some fantastic titles over the last few years, and it worries me that now EA may gut them. Most studios that have been bought by EA tend to end up producing games with less and less quality, despite all efforts to the contrary. Let's just hope that these two are the exception to the rule, similar to Criteron.

Well that is it for the resurfacing of gamers reporting. Of course feel free to comment in the forums thread, and as always you can e-mail us with your opinions, questions, or even your own opinion pieces, and we will most likely post it. We hope to hear from you, and see you every week.

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