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GR With Proof Of D12

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Written by DM on Monday, November 14 2005

GR caught up with Proof from D12 at one of his Detroit shows. After many phone calls and a near-restraining order, he agreed to talk with us. Proof, you are a king among men. We talked about the games he likes to play, his album , and a few other things. We also got him to sign a copy of Madden2005 for XBOX, which we will be giving away this week so keep an eye out!
GR: First of all, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us. That being said, we hear you are a pretty avid gamer?
Proof: Only if it involves sports, but midnight club 3 is hot it has Detroit all in it!

GR: So what would we find you playing on any random night?
Proof: Of course Madden 05 or some racing games.

GR: You prefer sports games over other games I take it?
Proof: Sports no doubt!

GR: So, which consoles do you own?
Proof: I have an xbox, ps2, and a couple pin ball machines (haha), waiting for that new ps3 to drop so I can go coupe that.

GR: How about Xbox Live, its a great way to kick ass remotely.
Proof: No xbox live, I usually crush my boys when they come over.

GR: Planning to pickup a xbox360 or PS3?
Proof: Of course, shit you think I aint gonna practice as soon as I can get my hands on it? I gotta stay on top of the games.

GR: Being a musician, what games where you have been impressed by the music and soundtrack?
Proof: None really, Need for Speed is probably the hottest one there is now.

GR: Say we gave you all the money and resources you needed, if you could create your own video game what would it be?
Proof: Lots of violence, or a football fighting game type (haha).

GR: Any desire to one day you can work on a game soundtrack yourself?

Proof: O its coming just a matter of time before it my time to shine in the videogame industry

GR: I hear you have a new album coming out - tell us about it..
Proof: Yea it drops July 26th its called "Searching for Jerry Garcia" go get it! Support your boy! Iron Fist Records!

GR: So be honest, do you rock the rest of D12 in Madden2005?>
Proof: Of course .. I'll crush any of them in the game just like I'd crush anyone from your website in it!

GR: Man, thanks for talking with us, been a pleasure.
Proof: Yea I gotta get on stage it was good talking to you guys to and remember stay off the streets and keep busy!

>Proof we just want to say, once again, thanks for taking the time to speak with us, and remember to check out his album "Searching For Jerry Garcia" on July 26th!


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