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Xbox360 Accessories Exposed (Part 1)

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Written by SD6 on Monday, November 14 2005

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

High-performance wireless gaming is here! Using optimized technology, the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller lets gamers enjoy a 30-foot range and up to 40 hours of life on two AA batteries and when they run low, you're given ample warning so you can connect a Play & Charge cable for uninterrupted play. Plug the Xbox 360 Headset into the controller for full duplex voice communication: a wireless first.

  • It's cordless—no cables to plug in—with a 30-foot wireless range.
  • The controller features integrated 2.4GHz high-performance wireless technology.
  • New and improved ergonomic design enables maximum comfort and endless gameplay.
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use.
  • Experience an unprecedented level of Rumble Control. Set the Rumble Control to Full, Medium, Low, or Off to match personal preferences.
  • The Xbox Guide Button at the center of the controller gives gamers quick access to all their favorite Xbox 360 system activities, such as watching movies, listening to music, contacting friends on Xbox Live, and customizing their gaming experiences.

Xbox 360 Controller

Based on the acclaimed design of the Xbox Controller S, the Xbox 360 Controller features an extended nine-foot cable and an improved ergonomic design. The centralized, glowing Xbox Guide Button grants gamers quick access to their digital movie, music, and games libraries. The ultimate in gamer flexibility, precision, control, quality, and comfort are all there.

  • New and improved ergonomic design enables maximum comfort and endless gameplay.
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use.
  • Two analog pressure-point triggers, two vibration feedback motors, and one eight-way directional pad are included.
  • The controller includes a nine-foot break-away controller cable.
  • Experience an unprecedented level of Rumble Control. Set the Rumble Control to Full, Medium, Low, or Off to match personal preferences.
  • A port for the Xbox 360 Headset is included.
Play & Charge Kit

The Play & Charge Kit allows you to never miss a beat when playing your favorite games. If the battery pack is running low, just plug in the cable and keep playing without interruption. The Play & Charge Kit, with included Rechargeable Battery Pack, is a convenient and low cost way to recharge your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

  • 9 foot long Play & Charge Cable (No break-away.)
  • The Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack snaps directly onto the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.
  • Charge your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller between gaming sessions by plugging in the Play & Charge Cable.
  • The Rechargeable Battery Pack (included) provides between 30 and 35 hours of game play with normal use of rumble per full battery charge.
  • A Green LED indicator will shine when the battery pack is fully charged. A Red LED indicator will let you know when the battery pack is still charging to reach its full charge capacity.
  • The Play & Charge Cable fully recharges your Wireless Controller in 6 to 8 hours.
  • NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Battery Cell.
  • Additional Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Packs sold separately.

Xbox 360 Faceplates

Unlike any console before, Xbox 360 puts gamers at the center and gives them the freedom to personalize their gaming experience however they see fit. Xbox 360 Faces make it easy and fun to change the face of the Xbox 360 console. Change your Faces whenever you like to match your personality, your mood, or your wild side. So flip it, switch it, or leave it be, and express your unique sense of style.

  • Interchangeable faceplates allow you to express yourself and create a one-of-a-kind system.
  • Pick up copies of the collectable limited-edition Faces.
  • Download corresponding “skins” from the Xbox Live Marketplace and customize the Xbox Gamer Guide interface to match your “face.”

Xbox 360 Memory Unit

Further enhancing the gaming experience, Xbox 360 Memory Units allow gamers to save in-game achievements and unique gamer profiles. The Memory Units are easily portable and enable quick and easy access to previously established benchmarks, putting gamers in control of their games and their lifestyle.

  • Transport the Memory Unit in the portable carrying case that fits on your keychain.
  • The Memory Unit (64 MB) requires no setup. Just plug it in, and save your favorite games.
  • Xbox 360 holds up to two Memory Units, so gamers can easily upgrade to more storage space.

Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote

The Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote was engineered to serve as the integrated control center for the entire Xbox 360 experience. Play DVD movies and music, plus control your TV and your Media Center PC with one controller. The centralized, glowing Xbox Guide Button gives customers quick access to their digital movies, music, and games library, and backlit buttons make the keypad easy to see in a darkened home theater.

  • Power the Xbox 360 system on or off without leaving the couch.
  • The Xbox Guide Button allows for easy navigation of the Xbox Gamer Guide.
  • The remote supports universal TV and console functionality, including volume and mute buttons and up-and-down channel changing.
  • Windows® XP Media Center Edition Button and Media Center Edition functionality are featured.
  • A, B, X, and Y buttons are included for basic control of the Xbox 360 system, even without a controller.
  • Numbered and backlight keypad gives you full functionality, even in the dark.

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