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2007/08/10 19:10:17: By vividbreeze


Seattle, Wash. - Aug 10, 2007 Penny Arcade, creators of the popular online comic strip of the same name, today revealed the complete schedule for this year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), the game-culture celebration to be held Aug. 24-26 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle.
2007/08/10 9:00:07: By vividbreeze
Vice President of Sony Europe, Executive Producer of SingStar and director of PlayStation Home to deliver opening second day Keynote. The leaders of SCE will discuss what we all been waiting for, social networking, publishers and consumers, focusing on SingStar, Home, whats the next phase of interactive entertainment means to developers and online gaming. Click read more to view full press release.


Friday 10th August/... Jamie Macdonald, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe along with Paulina Bozek, Executive Producer of SingStar® and Peter Edward, Director of PlayStation® Home Platform Group will address delegates for an opening second day keynote at this year’s Edinburgh Interactive festival (EIF07) – the world’s only true cultural event.
2007/07/31 9:38:02: By DM
According to GI, this year's Tokyo Game Show is poised to be the biggest event yet. WIth expanded events and the most exihibitors ever, this one should be huge. Stay tuned for the info when it begins!

2007/07/25 14:20:36: By vividbreeze


Seattle, Wash. - July 25, 2007 Penny Arcade today sent out an urgent reminder to those intending to be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) next month, with Tuesday, July 31st being the last chance to pre-register for the game festival. Numbers for 2007 are already approaching the total attendance for last year, making the move to the larger venue an absolute must. The Washington State Trade and Convention Center in downtown Seattle represents a space triple the size of PAX 2006, and on August 24th - 26th it's anticipated to be packed to the brim.
2007/07/25 5:37:11: By vividbreeze
The countdown has begun: in just a few weeks, GC (Games Convention) gets under way, Europe’s number one fair for interactive entertainment, infotainment, edutainment and hardware. From 23 to 26 August, 410 exhibitors (2006: 368 exhibitors) from 26 countries are expected at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre. Compared to 2006, the exhibition area has increased by 28 per cent to 115,000 square metres (gross). “The GC is experiencing another growth spurt this year. Both the number of exhibiting companies and the individual presentation areas have clearly expanded over last year. At the same time, we expect a new record number of 200,000 visitors”, says Josef Rahmen, managing director at the Leipzig Fair. Click read more to view more information regarding GC 2007.
2007/07/23 5:29:04: By vividbreeze


Jerseyville IL - July 20, 2007 – For the second year in a row, Team AFK (Away From Keyboard) took the DC Championship in the Gears of War Bash Finals (www.dccombat.com). Gears of War is first person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 featuring four-player versus four-player tournament play.
2007/07/20 10:15:54: By DM
Here we go again, folks. E3 2008 is set to change format and location yet again. Apparently, the event only stayed in Santa Monica this year to fulfill a contractual obligation. No word yet on where the conference will take place in 2008, but there is a need for floorspace yet again. Stay tuned!
2007/07/19 13:21:57: By DM
GI got the chance to speak with some of the executives that attended the new E3 to get their take on the reformat. Most seem fairly keen on the new setup, although next year it should be a bit less disorganized.

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