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2006/09/04 14:26:27: By vividbreeze
Sega of Japan has launched a website promoting a sequel to its PlayStation 2 crime-themed game Yakuza, as well as a movie version of the game by acclaimed director Takashi Miike. Yakuza the game will be hitting the shelves next week, be sure not to miss it! The Yakuza website is the place for the story, screens, and trailers of the movie, check it out.
2006/08/27 12:20:22: By DM
We usually do not post news of this nature, but this is so ridiculous we felt we had to. As you may or may not know, Uwe Boll, generally considered one of the worst directors out there, who also happened to direct many-a-video game based movie, has challenged his biggest critics to a boxing match. Well, now it seems this may actually happen.

Currently four matches are scheduled for September 23, with the other match taking place in Spain at an unspecified earlier date. Boll’s opponent for the first match will be Carlos Palencia Jimenez-Arguello, webmaster of Cinecutre.
2006/08/14 14:44:59: By DM
Latinoreview got a chance to check out the upcoming Hitman movie script. The script, penned by the cult favorite Skip Woods, sounds like it is going to be one of the best game to movie adaptations yet. To read for yourself check the link, and watch out behind you!

2006/08/11 11:54:13: By DM
Less than two days ago, MS announced that a relatively unknown Hollywood player, Neill Blomkamp, would be directing the Halo big screen adaptation. Neill is apparently a big fan of the game series, and plans to make the movie accordingly. The movie will be based more on the original Halo XBox story, rather than the sequel, and Masterchief himself will be mostly a man in costume. Of course, he will be enhanced by CGI.
2006/08/11 10:37:34: By DM
Sony officially announced its BWU-100A PC Blu-Ray drive yesterday at the Experience More 2006 event in Sydney, Australia. Here is the catch -- the drive will not play Blu-Ray movies, it will only read user-made Blu-Ray discs. Vincent Bautista, Sony's product manager for data storage, stated that due to copy protection issues and lagging software development, the drive will only play user-recorded high-definition content from a digital camcorder. How this will play out for Sony in the public relations department is anyone's guess, but it cannot be good. )(Thanks, DjjSin)
2006/08/09 12:18:39: By DM
The Halo movie, which is being produced by Peter Jackson, finally has a director. Do not expect to know his name, though, Halo will be his film debut. Neill Blomkamp, who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and original artists currently working in short films and commercial advertising, will be the head man on set. The special effects in the film will be done by the same team behind the Lord Of The Rings movies, and distributed by Universal. To be honest folks, using a newbie director could be the best thing to happen to this movie, or the worst. If you know any of Mr. Blomkamp, fell free to comment here and tell us about it.
2006/07/28 14:55:05: By vividbreeze
One of our favorite platform games of all time will be making its way onto DVD this year -- as a movie! The Jak & Daxter Complete Trilogy will retell the epic tale of two heroes that have purged the Dark Maker menace and survived. The 90min movie will take us from the original Jak & Daxter game right into their latest adventure from Jak X: Combat Racing. Check the link for your chance to win a free copy of this much anticipated movie.
2006/07/25 12:59:46: By purbeast
Anyone who has been around since the NES days has been waiting for this movie to be released on DVD. For those of you who don't know, in "The Wizard" we got to see Super Mario Brothers 3 for the very first time in it's playable form - and boy were we in for a treat when we saw it on the huge screen in this movie! Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for $11.99 and it will be shipping on August 22nd. I already have mine on pre-order. Click on the link to see the pre-order page.

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