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2006/07/26 14:23:44: By purbeast
Someone has posted a video taken from a camcorder of some ingame footage of Starfox Command on the Nintendo DS which is expected to appear on the DS in the not too distant future. While it is a shaky camcorder video, it is still a video nonetheless. Click on the link for the video.
2006/07/25 15:48:14: By DM
The new Zelda game on Nintendo DS, The Pahtom Hourglass, has apparently been pushed back until 2007. The Nintendo rep said the game may appear this Christmas, but not likley.
2006/07/24 16:34:49: By DM
The Nintendo DS Opera-based browser was released in Japan today. For some first impressions, check the link, it seems that it actually works fairly well.

2006/07/24 10:36:29: By DM
While other consoles are having issues upon issues, the little handheld that could, the Nintendo DS, keeps on trucking. Nintendo has now announced that sales of the Nintendo DS have exceeded 20 million units worldwide. This is quite an impressive number for a unit that has been available only since November 2004. Click read more for the full press info, and congrats Nintendo!


Nintendo delivers on its promise to bring video gaming to the masses. In less than two years since its Nov. 21, 2004 launch, Nintendo has sold more than 21 million Nintendo DS™ systems worldwide. By comparison, Apple® shipped one million of its ever-popular iPod® music players in its first 19 months. The rate of Nintendo DS units being sold equates to 23 systems per minute – that's nearly one every two seconds – non-stop since launch.
2006/07/21 19:42:24: By DM
Nintendo has plans to to release a special Pikachu edition DS in Japan. The release of the pink DS in Japan caused many lines to form on the day it was released, and this DS will likely be even more saught after.
2006/07/17 8:57:56: By DM
The Nintendo DS(TM) became America’s top-selling video game system of any type in June, according to independent sales numbers just released by the NPD Group. The release of the DS Lite boosted total sales to nearly 600,000 units, almost double that for any other game device. The Lite alone represented more than a third of total industry system purchases for the month. Rock on Nintendo!
2006/07/13 16:55:13: By DM
It's now possible to pre-order the browser from the Japanese Nintendo online shop for July 24th. The price is 3800 Yen (33$) as previously announced. If you can read Japanese chances are you can grab it for the US DS as well.
2006/07/08 8:22:36: By vividbreeze
It was announced sometime ago that there were 600 download stations planned for the Nintendo DS in the UK. Finally, someone has compiled a list of the store's locations, names and addresses. Check it out and see which location is near you to start downloading!

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