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2006/04/17 13:52:41: By DM
Namco sends along a few screens from the new Tales games for the Nintendo DS. From the screens it certainly looks like it is going to be an adventure. Click on the news title for the screens.
2006/04/14 14:30:00: By DM
In the newest Famitsu there an an article about 4 new games that Nintendo is posting on their DS download service. Each game will get about 2 weeks before the next one is posted for download. Apparently this all stemmed from a few students who attended a Nintendo conference with some DS games they had made themselves. You can click on the news title to read the article for yourself (if you can read Japanese). (Thanks, BudokaiMR2)
2006/04/11 8:18:33: By DM
According to Gamefront, Tantalus has announced that it is working on a new Top Gear game for the Nintendo DS. This game will use 3D models, but beyond that not much info was given.

2006/04/10 9:38:04: By DM
For all of you Death Jr. fans who could not get your fill becuase you do not own a PSP, never fear! According to GS, the mini-Grim Reaper will be making his way onto the Nintendo DS in The Science Fair Of Doom.
2006/04/07 0:25:12: By DM
Here are four new screens from the upcoming Super Mario Brothers DS game. These are pretty decent sized so you should be able to get a good look at the game. Click on the news title for the screens.
2006/04/06 9:33:11: By DM
According to CVG, speculation is abounding that the new redesigned Nintendo DS will be hitting European stores on June 30. Their source is Lik-sang. We know, suspect at best, take it with a grain of salt.
2006/04/04 22:46:48: By DM
Gamespot has translated in interview with the engineers who, in part, designed the look of the new Nintendo DS Lite. They pretty much give the lowdown on the new screen setup and the other new features. There are alot more changes under the hood than we previously thought.
2006/03/30 18:05:41: By DM
We told you a few days ago that a new Castlevania game was headed to the DS. Now we have a bit more infgo for you . GamePro has revealed that the title of the game will be Castlevania: Dual Moons. The setting is the year 1999, and Dracula is returning. Julius Belmont is the hero in this Castlevania, and of course he has to defeat Dracula. The game is set for release sometime in 2007.

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