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2006/03/21 14:18:19: By DM
It seems Sega is set to capitalize on the success of Nintendogs with the release of a very similar looking game. You can see by the images that the game seems to even have some of the same gameplay elements as Nintendogs.
2006/03/20 9:48:22: By DM
In an interview in the VIP section of the Nintendo Europe website, Yoot Saito of Vavarium games, developers of Seamen, said they are working on a DS game. No details on what the game might be yet, but knowing Seaman, it will be interesting if nothing else.

YS: "The Nintendo DS is a wonderful handheld. I'm glad it comes with a built-in microphone. That's why we have things planned for it. We're working on a different title right now that will use the network and microphone, but unfortunately I can't really discuss it yet."
2006/03/20 8:03:06: By DM
According to DS-X2, the new SMB game from Nintendo for the DS will feature over 80 levels. That a ton of levels compared to the old SMB games, may be more than all of them ocmbined. Sounds great!

2006/03/13 11:25:36: By DM
Metroid Prime Hunters will see retail stores in Europe on May 5th. As you know that is about 2 months after the US release. We don't really understand why it takes two extra months to release a game that is on a proprietry system with its own screen, but we aren't Nintendo. Click read more for the full press info.

13th March 2006 – The wait for the interstellar bounty-hunters, and gaming's toughest heroine is finally over as Metroid Prime Hunters launches across Europe on 5th May 2006. This game features touch-screen controls, Wi-Fi game play, a fully-fledged single player 3D first person shooter mode as well as an extensive online multiplayer first person shooter mode. For the first time on a Nintendo DS game, Metroid Prime Hunters include wireless voice chat technology allowing players to talk with friends before and after battle, whilst using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and microphone, wherever they are in the world.
2006/03/10 8:09:25: By DM
The official website for the new Pokemon game for the DS is live. The website features media, game info, and more. The usual website fare basically. This game will be the test whether or not Pokemon is still going strong or is on the way out.
2006/03/09 9:39:21: By DM
We have some new images of the SMB game for DS for you today. These scans are from Japan and you can clearly see what the gameplay of the new SMB game will be like. This game has a lot to live up to considering it is the first new side scrolling SMB game in a long while. Click on the news title for the images.
2006/03/08 8:02:38: By vividbreeze
Atlus has announced details on the upcoming game called Contact for the Nintendo DS. This RPG will be Wi-FI enabled and include an awesome real time combat system, animal-training, item-collecting, monster-hunting, and old-school mini-games! We will be looking at a Fall 2006 release forhis title.
2006/03/08 7:12:55: By vividbreeze
Brain Age for Nintendo DS guides players with a series of mental brain-training challenges that incorporate word memorization, counting and reading. The game will arrive in the USA in April and Europe is set for a June release. I love these style of games kinda like Feel the magic, but more in depth. Check out how much of a success it has had in japan!

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