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2006/01/06 8:04:28: By DM
In a recent interview with Maxim magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked if he ever gets tired of making non R-rated games. To this he responded that the games that he and his crew are working on now are "hardcore." What that means exactly we are not sure.

Maxim: Don't you want to make an ol'-fashioned R-rated game?

Miyamoto: I would say the games that we're working on now, like the new Zelda, Twilight Princess, has hardcore content. And if you look at the Revolution's controllers, there's a nunchaku-style controller expansion that's really well suited to first-person shooters.
2006/01/04 22:28:32: By DM
One of our readers submitted a slew of images from the new Zelda, Twilight Princess. They are pretty small and blurry, and may in fact be scans, but check them out nonetheless. They show some of the other characters in the game as well as some of Link's HUD setups. Click on the news title for the images.

*Update*: These is from the pages of the British magazine devoted to Nintendo Gamecube. The title will use (always according to the magazine) the "nunchaku" Revolution pad to offer to us a unique single-player experience. You can use it like a sword, paddle or fishing rod during you time on the river in-game (the article says the river will be central to the game).
2006/01/03 15:11:46: By DM
Some Gamecube media for you today, which is a nice change from the Xbox360/PS3 heavy news we usually have. Screens from the new Naruto: Clash Of Ninja game have been released, and the game looks like a whole ton of fun. If you are a fan of the series check it out, and if you are just looking for a nice cel-shaded fighter, check it out as well. Click on the news title for the screens.

2005/12/28 8:03:46: By DM
According to this French blog website, this new image of The Legend oF Zelda: Twilight Princess has been released. Not much to see, we know, but the image does look pretty nice.
2005/12/25 12:08:16: By DM
Well, we don't want to spoil the surprise for you, but the thing is, you won't be very surprised when you see the game they chose. It seems to be making the top of all the "game of the year" lists this year, so no shocker there. It really is a great game though, nomatter which console you play it on. Hint: look at the news icon. The list also has the finalsts who did not make it, all great games in their own right. Check it out, and once again, Merry Christmas from GR!
2005/12/21 9:19:36: By DM
In in interview with Reggie Fils-Aime conducted by one of the members of the IGN boards, Reggie has confirmed that Twilight Princess will indeed be fully orchestrated. Now, we know it would be in someparts, but to hear that they went ahead and made the whole thing fully orchestrated is great news.

GIOVANNI: a. Can you tell us about any developments regarding Metroid Prime 3, or when we can expect some? / b. Retro said they're taking MP3's music in some new places -- could that possibly mean ORCHESTRATED?! / c. When can we expect to hear any news on Super Smash Bros. Revolution?

REGGIE: MP3 has been confirmed as a Revolution title. It's definitely in development. (Mentions Zelda Rev too, nothing specific.) As for the music, I'm pretty sure that's done in Japan! (Laughs, says he doesn't make the games.) If Retro Studios says so, then MP3 is taking the music in new places. But I can't divulge just what those will be. (Not sure if he knew / wouldn't tell. Didn't come off like he was a huge cog in the MP3 machine. Sort of laughed these questions off.) Twilight Princess will be fully orchestrated, though.
2005/12/07 9:07:18: By DM
Famitsu had some Baten Kaitos 2 images this week, and we have them for you. This game is the sequel to one of the most popular Gamecube RPG games (with the fans anyway), and the sequel looks just as good. Click on the news title for the images.
2005/12/04 12:31:07: By DM
According to an interview good old Reggie Fils-Aime did in South America with magazine Club Nintendo, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released in Arpil. He also restated the fact this this title is for Gamecube, not Revolution as the net is so fond of speculating. The source is not 100% reputable though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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