2006/09/14 14:33:24: By DM
The controversial new game by Rockstar entitled Bully just received its rating from the ESRB. No, it is not "M For Mature," it escaped with a measly "T For Teen." We would think that a game that caused as much controversy as Bully did would at least get an "M" rating.
2006/09/05 20:29:56: By DM
SCE has released a slew of new screens from God Of War 2, and they look fantastic. It always amazes us what developers can do with consoles in the final days of the hardware.
2006/09/05 14:14:34: By DM
Not yet exactly, but according to Sony Ericsson's senior vice president of Product and Application Planning, Rikko Sakaguchi, the company "is working on something" [related to the Playstation phone] for which "the surprise must be kept for the future." Sounds exciting, more info when we have it.

2006/08/24 10:47:43: By CraiZE
Rockstar's Bully has recieved an updated website which features new screenshots and videos. Check them out!
2006/08/22 13:09:01: By DM
Vivendi has released some screens from Scarface for the Xbox360. All we can say is wow. These screens do not even look better than Xbox1. What are they thinking>

Update: The screens came mislabeled, they are actually from the PS2 version.
2006/08/21 12:05:45: By Josh
November can't come soon enough for rabid Playstation enthusiasts, but in case you're not spending your euros/pounds/bearskins on a PS3, Sony thinks you might want a pink version of their slimline PS2. Not to be outdone by Microsoft's GamerchiX program, this pink PS2 hopes to capture that "growing and diverse demographic," (we assume they mean womenfolk). The system drops November 8th and comes with two (count them two!) pink controllers and a matching memory card. This should go quite well with those cute shoes you bought this weekend...dude.
2006/08/21 10:57:03: By DM
The price of the PS2 console has been officially reduced in the UK to €129.99. This is no dobut in preparation for the launch of the PS3 console in 3 months. Click read more for the full info.


London, 21 August 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced that it is to begin offering the hugely successful PlayStationÒ2 computer entertainment system in Europe at €129.99 (£94.99) with immediate effect. The price of Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2) will also fall to €19.99.
2006/08/18 11:02:03: By DM
Apparently there is now a "Best Damn Podcast Ever" show hosted on the net. We will reserve judgment on it being the best ever, but for their inagural show, they interview Sean Babtiste and DeVron Warner from Harmonix Music Systems, makers of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. The interview focuses only somewhat on the actual games, the rest is just chatter. Check it out nonetheless.

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