2006/04/20 21:33:11: By DM
CGOnline has conducted an interview with Casey Hudson, BioWare Project Director of Mass Effect. They discuss the upcoming RPG game from Bioware, and some of the meaning behind the story and game's name. (Thanks, Optaviusx)
2006/04/20 8:46:50: By DM
SCE has posted hte offical page for the upcomign God of War sequel. This game will be one of the last great games on the aging PS2 console, and if it is as good as the first one it will be a ton of fun. The website features your standard homepage fare, screens, artwork, and info.
2006/04/20 8:09:09: By purbeast
According to a news article on yahoo, the PS2 will be available for $129 in stores effective immediately. Sony is going to get as much out of the PS2 as the market will allow. Check out the link for the full story over at yahoo.

2006/04/18 19:33:26: By DM
Rockstar has announced that the PS2 version of its much-loved PSP GTA game, Liberty City Stories, will debut on June 6. Not only that, but the game will only cost $19.99! What a bargain.
2006/04/18 13:07:38: By DM
SNK sends along 5 screens from the upcoming 3D version of Metal Slug for the PS2. The game looks a bit out of place in 3D to be honest, but decide for yourself. Click on the news title for the screens.
2006/04/17 11:30:56: By DM
IGN has posted an interview about Guitar Hero II. This time around the game will feature 55 songs, as well as some brand new game modes. Check it out!
2006/04/17 8:06:11: By DM
Sony has opened the official website for the newest Bleach game for the Playstation 2. The site features your regular game website fare, screenshots and the like. No word on when or if this game is coming to the US.
2006/04/15 12:28:59: By DM
The G Hole (great name for a show) got the chance to take a look at Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus at the Square Enix California offices. The vid even shows some gameplay from the games.

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