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2008/10/03 16:41:31: By DM
According to the latest issue of EGM, third-party characters may start showing up in Little Big Planet. Namely, Disney characters. According to the rumor, non-Sony held title and character properties are lining up to be included in Media Molecule's upcoming game that really does not fit into any category we can name. Is it a platformer? Sort of. None of this is official, by the way, in case you missed that part.
2008/10/01 14:33:40: By DM
As you can see, there is an expansion coming for Metal Gear Online called Meme. Hopefully this expansion will fix some of the gaping holes in the game that players have to deal with. It looks like both new maps and characters will be included. Anyone who can translate some, please comment!
2008/10/01 9:07:55: By DM
According to PS3trophies.com, the PS3 version of GTA IV is getting a set of trophies. As you can see by the list on the website, the trophy feats do coincide somewhat with the Xbox360 achievements. Check the link for the full list.

Off The Boat Bronze Trophy
You have completed the first mission.

One Hundred And Eighty Bronze Trophy
You scored 180 with 3 darts.

Pool Shark Bronze Trophy
You beat a friend at pool.

2008/09/30 8:49:10: By DM
According to N4G, the latest issue of PSM3 has a story with Naughty Dog president Christophe Balestra, who confirmed that Uncharted 2 in indeed in development. No real surprise there, but good to hear. Rumor mill for now.
2008/09/29 14:01:47: By DM
According to Play3-Live, the game half of you hate and half of you love, Afrika, will be getting an English-language release in Europe in early 2009. This is great news for those of us who want to check out the beautiful-looking safari-themed game, and be able to read what we are playing. Fortunately, the PS3 is region-free.
2008/09/29 9:25:01: By DM
Sony has stated this morning that the Reuters report that Little Big Planet would be a PSN download, as well as a Blu-Ray retail game is completely false. The game will be available in disc form only, and the report that cropped up earlier, much to all of our surprise, is false.
2008/09/26 14:53:54: By DM
If you have applied for PSN HOME Beta but did not receive an invite, check again today. The HOME beta test has been extended and thousands of new emails went out, according to the Sony blog. The test is going well, it seems, and as we have checked out HOME ourselves, we can certainly say it has an appeal for those who enjoy the virtual online thing.

Update: This is tagged Sept 19, why Sony sent us the email today, we are not sure.
2008/09/26 8:24:21: By DM
Just a quick FYI for our European readers. We just got word, the beta invites for Killzone 2 have gone out overseas. Players started to receive them last night. No word on USA invites just yet, if you are USA and got one, let us know.

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