2009/01/16 10:57:45: By DM
Now you can watch Youtube videos on your TV using the PS3, and you can watch them in full-screen glory. The TV website is currently in beta testing, but it will provide an interface that will enable PS3 users to watch and share any Youtube videos on any TV using the Sony console. Open up the browser on the PS3 and go to http://www.youtube.com/tv. This link apparently only works from the PS3, not PC or Mac. Check it out and let us know what you think.
2009/01/16 10:03:48: By DM
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not a stealth-game, said Bruce Straley, the game's director, who spoke with CVG an in interview. Apparently, the action-stealth AI is to help with the programming of the enemy AI, and the game is not going to be an MGS style action-stealth title, as some have surmised.
2009/01/15 10:54:19: By DM
Last week, we told you that Sony announced the membership for its online PSN network was 17 million users, which was the name number that Xbox Live had announced the day before. This made some people suspicious, it seems, so Sony has now clarified that 17 million number. The 17 million includes people who have created accounts on PS3, the PSN website, and the PSP, as well as multiple IDs, created for one household on the same PS3 unit. Interesting.

2009/01/15 9:56:48: By DM
Yesterday, Capcom announced that a Resident Evil 5 demo was coming exclusively to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Well, today, EdgeOnline spoke with a Capcom rep who revealed that the PS3 demo of the game will be released one week later. Stay tuned, rumor mill for now.
2009/01/14 11:13:44: By DM
Remember how the PS3 version of C&C RA3 was said to be on hold? Well, now it seems EA has decided to release Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition. The game comes with a ton of multimedia content not included in the other versions. Bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes features, and a featurette entitled "the Girls of RA3" will be included on the Blu-Ray disc to fill the space. All will be in full HD as well. The game was spotted on the EA online store, but has since been taken down. You can see the cover image at the link.
2009/01/14 10:23:31: By DM
We are not sure what Guerrilla Games has done with the time since E3 2005, but according to the Killzone 2 developer, it has not been coding a co-op mode for the game. An in interview from CES that has just been posted at the PS blog, K2 director Mathijs de Jonge has admitted that there are no plans for a co-op mode. What the game is taking so ridiculously long and now there is not even a co-op mode is beyond us. The beta was impressive and fun, but we really hope they have a change of heart about co-op mode. We are sure this will stoke the PS3 vs Xbox360 flames.

De Jonge was cagey over the matter when we asked him back in August. "Co-op we're not talking about at the moment," he said, which seemed to hint that it'll be included, but he just doesn't want to disclose facts.
2009/01/13 14:30:44: By DM
Konami has announced the "Welcome Rookie" campaign for Metal Gear Online. The campaign will reward all the players who registered with new content for the troubled online shooter. The campaign will also entice new members to join, and all players who register with the retail version with a special MGO Codec Pack which includes special voice content, and also they will receive 5000 reward points for the MGO in-game shop. Click read more for the full info.


All Fans Who Register for the Metal Gear OnlineTM Retail Version Between December 24, 2008 and February 16, 2009 Will Automatically Win 5,000 Reward Points and the MGO Codec Pack.
2009/01/13 10:49:48: By DM
Analyst Michael Pachter has revealed his belief that Sony will cut the price of the Playstation 3 to $299 by April of this year. He says this move will help to boost sales of the hardware. He also expects MS to drop the price of the Xbox360 again to $249, sometime around this year's E3 expo. He does not expect any change in the Wii price, but after all, Nintendo does not need to sell more Wii units, they can't keep up as it is.

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