2009/01/05 14:58:29: By DM
The Dutch Official PlayStation Mag has apparently revealed that a new PS3 exclusive is in the works, and will be revealed next month. No details were given because of a non-disclosure agreement, but they are apparently flying to L.A. next month to get all the dirt. Stay tuned.
2008/12/23 9:33:24: By DM
According to Businessweek, the Playstation 3 hardware has come down in price, component wise, since 2006. So much so, that the hardware might be almost at break-even pricing for Sony, which is good news for 2009. The PS3 now casts significantly less to build than it did at launch, according to Businessweek.
2008/12/22 16:00:23: By DM
According to the latest issue of Pulse, the PSN mag, the most popular PSN download of 2008, believe it or not, is PAIN. This is the game where you fling various characters into a small town in order to destroy as much of it as possible, thus earning as many points as possible. It is fun, for sure, but we would have though a game like Wipeout HD would head the list. Guess not!

2008/12/22 13:10:02: By DM
There is a PSN HOME update available, 1.05, which is being released today. With this update, users will be able to use the voice chat within their personal spaces and clubhouses in order to communicate with online friends. The update should come up when users click on the HOME icon on the XMB.
2008/12/17 10:47:42: By DM
According to a report, users have found a way to use the PSN HOME software beyond what Sony intended. Not only have they found a way to customize their characters beyond what Sony intended, but an even bigger flaw was discovered, it seems. Users have found a way to upload or delete any file from the Sony HOME servers, using an exploit. HOME has been out for less than a week, we hope Sony patched this hole soon.
2008/12/16 16:03:13: By DM
Bethesda has released the Fallout 3 PS3 patch which adds support for Trophies. Not only that, but the patch supposedly sorts out some graphical lag issues that the game suffers from. Pop the game in, and the patch should download automatically.
2008/12/16 12:34:51: By DM
Sony has announced that the Singstar PS2 discs can now be played on Singstar PS3. WIth a downloadable update available today, you will be able to swap out the PS3 Singstar disc and pop in your favorite PS2 Singstar disc and sing away. Great news!
2008/12/16 10:52:01: By DM
Just an FYI, folks. The Sony PSN will be up and down at times today for scheduled maintenance. It should be completed by midday PST.

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