2008/11/14 13:27:14: By DM
Sony has responded to the October NPD Sales numbers, which we reported on earlier. The PS3 sold 190k units, as you know, and SCEA notes that the number sold represents a 56% increase over October 2007. The increase in sales, according to Sony, is attributed to "an unmatched line-up of first-party and third-party titles." In terms of the PSP, Sony stated that the 193k units sold represented a year-to-date growth of 9%.
2008/11/12 16:54:15: By DM
Sucker Punch/Insomniac Games Creative Director Nate Fox has said developers should focus on quality, not quantity. This is more or less code for shorter games, folks, unfortunately. This suggests that that the new PS3 title inFamous is being made short and great, as opposed to long and mediocre. Why it cannot be long and great both, we are not sure. We can also expect a lot more DLC add-ons for games, as it has now become the S.O.P. (standard operating procedure, for you acronyminally-challenged), and the excuse for releasing for games with short single-player campaigns.

"Look at God of War - it is an excellent game, an instant classic, and it's only like seven hours long," he said in our Live Text interview. "GTA IV is 30 hours long, and people wanted more? That just tells you how excellent that game is.
2008/11/11 16:17:07: By DM
According to the Playstation Blog, the Capcom section of the PSN Store that we told you about a while back is finally in place. On Thursday, after the update, you will find all the Capcom titles available for purchase online in one section, such as Bionic Commando and Street Fighter Alpha. Check it out.

2008/11/06 22:02:39: By DM
The Playstation PSN Store has been updated with new stuff, folks. First, the new issue of the Qore digital magazine is out, and this one has the PSN HOME Beta for annual subscribers. There are also MGS4 and NCAA Basketball 09 demos to be had, as well as two free Little Big Planet costumes, and a whole slew of videos and trailers.
2008/11/06 17:24:04: By DM
Sony HOME PSN Community Manager, forum name TedTheDog on the official forums, responded to users who asked how applicants would be selected for the HOME PSN Open Beta, which is slated to start later this year. He related that Sony had considered a few plans, but decided that the chosen would be picked "broadly based on the concept of loyalty." We really have no idea what that means, and the users on the forums are having a field day with it, of course. As for when the Open Beta stage is going to start, he said that it will begin "within weeks" of the US-only Qore subscriber's beta access giveaway. The new Qore comes out today, by the way.

"We've picked the names already and no, I'm not going to reveal the list."
2008/11/06 9:56:24: By DM
Konami has posted a Metal Gear Solid 4 demo on the Japanese PSN, it seems. It was released with little fanfare, and the demo is set in the Middle Eastern setting portion of the game, which is towards the beginning. No word on when or if this demo is going to be exported outside of Japan.
2008/11/05 13:42:24: By DM
Konami has announced that the subscribership for Metal Gear Online has hit the 1 million mark. This is despite the technical issues that have plagued the game since the last expansion. Konami has also planned a Commemorative Campaign contest that will run from November 25 through December 9, and any player accessing the game during that time will be rewarded with 10,000 points on the final day.
2008/11/05 12:51:46: By DM
Just a quick FYI for our European readers. Those who belong to the Playstation Underground and applied to the Killzone 2 beta, should be getting acceptance emails today, if you got in, that is. The game is due out soon, but the US emails have not going out yet, it seems (for the public beta).

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