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2008/08/08 19:03:27: By DM
Want to apply for the PS3 HOME closed beta? Well, it really could not be simpler at this point. Go into the PSN store new releases, find the new PSN HOME free theme, and download it. You do not even have to install it, but we would, just to be safe. That's it. You are officially applied, folks. Enjoy.
2008/08/08 15:25:34: By DM
Sony is really pinning a lot of hopes on the upcoming Little Big Planet. Producer Eric Fong, speaking to GI, explained that the target audience is "everyone," from the casual gamer to the hardcore.

"It's going to be a hardware seller. Not only do you have the platforming experience that a lot of other games will have, you have this creativity that really is exclusive to LittleBigPlanet."

What really gets us is that Sony has yet to really explain just what the game is all about. Hopefully we will get some sort of preview soon.
2008/08/08 14:08:24: By DM
According to N4G, Austrian website eLhabib have posted information regarding a new Warhawk update, due at the end of August. Operation Fallen Star will include Jetpacks, and you can also shoot while in the air. The jetpack item name is Icarus Mk. I, random bit of info, but there it is. That is all they posted at this time, so stay tuned, rumor mill for now, but it is likely true.

2008/08/08 14:04:55: By DM
Sad news for the Euro Playstation 3 games, at least. It seems Capcom is delaying the release of Bionic Commando on the PSN. Next week's planned release date has been changed to "TBC," which means who knows. Apparently the game is still slated for Japan and US release, and for Xbox Live release as well, so it may have something to do with PAL conversion. Stay tuned.
2008/08/07 8:31:38: By DM
The dates of the official SOCOM Confrontation Beta have been revealed, finally. There are two ways to get in. First, you can pre-order the game from gamestop and begin play on September 1, 2008. Also, Qore online PSN magazine downloaders can begin play on September 8, 2008. Yes, Qore gets to play a week later, not sure why.The benefit to the pre-order beta is that you get two codes to give out to friends. Just put 5 down at Gamestop, people.
2008/08/06 16:29:07: By DM
Since the game's announcement back in 2006, Quantic Dream has been more or less mum on their new game, Heavy Rain. Their previous titles, Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) and Omikron, have been winners. This one looks like it is going to be a graphical powerhouse, at the very least. Check out the images on this one, folks.
2008/08/06 14:40:18: By DM
SOCOM Confrontation is going to hit retail shelves on October 14, 2008. There will be three bundles -- a $59.99 bundle and two $39.99 bundles. The $59.99 comes with the BlueTooth headset, and the two bundles without, one is downloadable on the PSN.
2008/08/05 22:58:55: By DM
Sony is going to be offering different pre-order bonuses for Little Big Planet, and the PS blog has the rundown posted. Strategy guides, patches, and a sticker book, help fill out the list. Sony is really putting a ton of hopes on this game. We certainly hope it pans out, for all our sakes.

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