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2008/07/31 15:24:43: By DM
Believe it or not, Sony is going to be publishing Afrika outside of Japan. It is getting a name change, though. In Asia, the game is going to be called Hakuna Matata. What else is there to say?
2008/07/31 11:48:11: By DM
Saint's Row developer Volition has explained the not-so-great release of the game on PS3. In a CVG intervie they claimed they "just couldn't get our heads around the Cell technology... It's just really complicated and I'm sure you noticed other games like Stranglehold push their dates up. Cell's really, really powerful. The problem is it's also a really different system, the way it uses multi-threading technology." In order to combat this for the sequel, Volition has hired a dedicated PS3 team. Good news for PS3 owners.
2008/07/30 12:01:05: By DM
TheGameReviews claims that Uncharted 2 is going to be making its debut this year at the Leipzig Games Convention. They cite both an article from January 2008 and their own reliable sources from yesterday. Apparently David Reeves himself admitted there would be 12 announcements at Leipzig, which, even for Sony, seems steep. TGR claims that one of these 12 will be the Drake's sequel. Here's hopin', rumor mill for now.

2008/07/29 21:55:36: By DM
GT has posted a great new 4-minute or so gameplay video from Mirror's Edge, the Dice FPS/platform/jumping game. This one, it seems, people are either hating totally or loving completely, we tend to jump on the latter bandwagon. It not only looks great, but it seems like it is going to be a breath of fresh air. Hopefully.

2008/07/29 21:52:36: By DM
There may or may not be a new PS3 firmware up for download right now. Some users in the UK and some in the US have reported that there was a firmware update when they logged in tonight to 2.42. We cannot find it, but we know some who have installed it. We are trying to locate the change log now.
2008/07/29 12:19:01: By DM
LBPCentral has psoted their hands-on impressions, complete with video, of Little Big Planet for PS3 from ComicCon. The hands-on is a bit biased since the website is a fan-based site, but it does have some good info.
2008/07/25 16:17:59: By DM
Might as well take this one with a salt lick instead of a grain of salt, for the sheer amount that it sounds like a rumor, but here goes. According to a report on GameBlog,fr, there could be another additional ending to Metal Gear Solid 4 that unlocks 6 months after the game's release. Now, this means that Konami would have to send some sort of unlock code, since the only other way would be to use the system date, and we are sure the smart guys who posted this have already tried that. Six months from release also marks... (big spoiler ahead of you click read more)
2008/07/24 23:07:22: By DM
According to the recent net rumors, SCE was having epilepsy issues with Wipeout HD, and that was the "specific technical issue" that was preventing release. Well Sony has officially responded, and stated that the trophy supprot and split screen play are the issues causing the delay. They claim the game will be with us "very soon."

"Regarding the speculation about health issues, we can assure you that we take consumer safety very seriously and monitor it very carefully."

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