2008/09/15 13:06:05: By DM
Finally, the PSN title we have all been waiting for, Wipeout HD, has an official date. September 25, 2008 will be the day players finally get to take part in the stunning visual, booming soundtrack, and gameplay that supposedly makes up the enhanced future racer. Just 10 days, folks, so get those PSN wallets filled up!
2008/09/12 9:40:14: By DM
According to the official Bioshock website, there will be a demo available for the PS3 version on October 3, 2008. Not much more to say, less than a month, folks!
2008/09/11 13:37:04: By DM
For a lucky few who are randomly selected in Europe, you may be getting an e-mail today that tells you how to grab a demo of the new Motorstorm Pacific Rift game. Also, USA users who are Qore subscribers should also check to see if they can download the demo through the Magazine today. Let us know if any of you succeed.

2008/09/11 10:33:38: By DM
The official release date for the new Motorstorm game is October 28, 2008. According to the PS blog, the sequel to the near-launch PS3 title is set to be one of the biggest Holiday Season sellers this year, and with local split-screen racing added, it should be fun off or online. Now with Trophy support added, the game should be a complete experience, let's hope the frame rate holds up.
2008/09/10 15:03:45: By DM
For those, like us, who enjoy a good quiz game, there is nothing better than Jeopardy. Well, the PSN Edition of the game will apparently be released tomorrow. Goo news, we cannot wait to play online.
2008/09/10 11:18:51: By DM
Just a quick heads up, the beta application for Resistance 2 is now working, and you can fill out the short questionnaire to apply. The page that was always there is now working fully so, apply! It seems like Sony is going to pick more or less randomly, since they only ask a very few things.
2008/09/09 11:58:58: By DM
Just a quick FYI, in case you missed it yesterday. NovaStrike on the PSN has added trophy support with a patch. If you still play this shooter, grab it now for some added fun.
2008/09/09 10:35:34: By DM
Why Sony cannot seem to anticipate the load it will experience when a beta begins is beyond us. Now, it seems the SOCOM Beta on PS3 is experiencing so much lag and login issues that there will not only be a patch tonight, but there will be more patches coming. Players, like us mind you, have been experiencing many problems logging in, and it can take up to 10 minutes just to wait for a game to kick you into the server to actually play. No exaggeration, folks. Hopefully this patch tonight helps.

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