2008/08/27 14:35:32: By HoTHiTTeR
The Warhawk servers just came back online with patch 1.5. The bulk of this update are the Trophies. 56 total are available, with only 40 (from the game itself - no expansion packs) needed to get the Platinum Trophy. Therefore the remaining 16 are award for play within the expansion packs. More details on the trophies themselves after the jump.
2008/08/26 10:18:44: By DM
CVG has some of the first details on the new PS3 2.5 firmware. It will apparently include an option for screengrabs, which is great for websites like us. No word on exactly how this will work, but we assume it will be saved to the PS3 HDD and accessable via the network or XMB menu. Rumor mill for now since Sony has not even announced this update yet, but it sounds legit.
2008/08/26 9:58:31: By DM
SCEE President David Reeves has stated to GI that he believes that deals to make certain games exclusive to one platform with publishers is probably a 'thing of the past." He does state that working directly with a developer "works," though, so it may not be the end of Sony exclusives just yet.

"It does, and I put it this way: we believe that investment in our own intellectual properties - as particularly Phil Harrison and I tried to do in the last five years with SingStar, or with The Getaway, or with Buzz! - these are ours, we can put them in our cupboard," he said. "It's like a patent. We can take them forward.

2008/08/25 11:00:56: By DM
Eurogamer got the chance to speak with Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evan. MM, as you may or may not know, is the team behind Little Big Planet, the game that Sony is pinning so many of their hopes on for the next year. Alex speaks about where the game is at now, and where it is heading. It is due for release sometime soon, so we should finally get some concrete answers for a change.
2008/08/24 0:31:22: By DM
Metal Gear main man Hideo Kojima told Eurogamer that it was "possible" that Metal Gear Acid would be ported to the PSN. Nothing is in production as of now, of course, but when he was asked about it at the Leipzig GC, he said yes to the idea.

"I'll say yes to that idea, but not because it is already running or anything," Kojima told Eurogamer when asked about the possibility of porting the turn-based strategy titles to PSN.
2008/08/22 14:40:02: By DM
Well, today Sony has given us a bit of a black eye in the LBP across the world department. It seems the servers are not only going to be region-specific, but also locked so that gamers have to stay within their region. We suppose this more or less kills the worldwide sharing appeal of the game, huh?
2008/08/22 1:47:20: By HoTHiTTeR
In an email sent to Playstation Network subscribers earlier this evening, Sony details it's offerings inside Qore's 4th installment. Not only will there be an exclusive LittleBigPlanet theme, but a Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo will be available to Annual Subscribers. Our guess is that we'll be seeing the same demo available to players currently at Leipzig's Games Convention 2008.
2008/08/21 22:43:18: By DM
Some doings on the PSN store tonight after the update. There are a ton of game videos added, but there are also some great playable items too. First, the new R&C Quest For Booty game is posted, coming in at a whopping 2388mb, for $14.99USD. Better start now if you plan on buying it. There is also two demos of note, The Last Guy which weighs in at only 211mb, and the NFL Head Coach demo which weighs in at 1298mb. Finally, the Kraytos Hot Shots Golf add-on character is also available for golf course godlike domination! Enjoy.

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