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2009/04/14 14:42:26: By DM
Sony has confirmed that the sequel to Patapon on the PSP will not be available as a retail UMD. The game will only be available via digital download next month, and according to Sony, it will be a "one time test case." Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA, confirmed that the company plans to go download-only with Patapon 2, and it will be availble in the PSP PlayStation Store next month. What to do if you do not have internet access? Well, you can, umm, cry! If you have net access but no credit card, you can at least go to Gamestop, trade in some old games, and buy a PlayStation Store Card.
2009/04/07 16:14:41: By DM
Finally, US PSP gamers will get to play the top-selling PSP game in Japan. Monster Hunter will be coming to the domestic PSP market. The game is already up to its third installment in Japan, and is a hit with users. The game provides over 500 hours of gameplay, and the action/RPG makes use of the PSP's ad-hoc network capabilities. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it puts gamers in control of a monster rancher who has to collect and defeat different mythic beasts. If you have friends who own a PSP, this is a game not to miss.
2009/04/07 9:27:41: By DM
The PSP2 or PSP-4000, the next iteration of the Sony handheld, has been much talked about recently. Sony has been quiet on these rumors, not even officially confirming the existence of a PSP-3000 successor. Inevitably, people have been comparing it to the iPhone, and talk has centered around how Sony will react to the Apple competition. According to a new source that is not Dave Perry, the new hardware should be released before Christmas 2009, and will be much more similar to the iPhone than the current PSP. The device will have a large touchscreen, and it will slide open. When the device is opened up, the familiar buttons will be revealed, along with dual analog sticks! This should make for some awesome new games that may only play on the new PSP hardware. here should even be a new iPhone-like app store. We should be treated to the official scoop at E3 this year by Sony, so stay tuned folks. Exciting!

2009/04/03 12:03:49: By DM
Atari has revealed that their new Ghostbusters game will not be makign an appearance on the Sony PSP handheld. The talk began after the ESRB listed a PSP version of the game on its website, but the page has since been taken down. Oh well, users will have to call the GBs on DS when they are on the go.
2009/03/26 17:02:29: By DM
John Koller from Sony spoke with GI today, and the subject at hand was digital distribution of games. He said that the electronics giant is still undecided on simultaneous UMD and digital releases, but Sony does want to make as much content available for the PSP as possible. It seems that, for once, North America is the region that is lagging behind in the digital download arena, with Japan already well on its way to day-and-date UMD/digital releases, and Europe about to go that way. In North America though, Sony has not made a decision yet, and it may take up to 5 years to completely switch over.
2009/03/20 13:05:57: By DM
While it is certainly not a confirmation, and nor is it really even a direct comment per se, it is something. Pete Dille, Senior VP of Marketing for Playstation, spoke with Gamedaily yesterday about the PSP, its recent success, and its future. When asked teh question that everyone wants to hear the answer to, i.e. what is up with the PSP2, he responded cryptically. He said "What we're focusing on is a very exciting year for PSP. We've got a great lineup of software titles, we've got more than 15 million [hardware] units across the U.S. and Canada and we've got great plans to grow that further." Read into it what you will, rumor mill for now.
2009/03/13 10:19:13: By DM
The PSP has racked up 60,000 unit sales in Japan this last week, according to Media Create. This was a jump from the previous week's sales of just 35,500 -- almost double, in fact. The DS usually takes the top spot, but with the new colors and marketing push, Sony has propelled their handheld into the top spot, it seems. The PS3 also saw a 10% rise in sales, which the Wii continued to fall back. The Xbox360 was at the bottom, with just 15,000 sales.

1. PlayStation Portable: 59,568
2. Nintendo DS: 43,342
3. PlayStation 3: 39,835
4. Nintendo Wii: 16,560
5. Xbox 360: 14,994
6. PlayStation 2: 4954
2009/03/11 9:05:24: By DM
The PSP is set to take on the DS this year, if Sony has a say. The electronics giant is going i put its considerable resources into pushing the handheld gaming and media unit, and even reveal a new hardware revision of the PSP with a new sliding screen. Today, Sony's Senior VP for the UK and Ireland and the Nordic Region, Ray Maguire, admitted that the company has been guilty of letting the PSP "drift" in the last year. "It was slightly under-supported, mainly because... of Playstation 3." Hopefully they really do crank up the support.

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