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2006/06/27 21:06:45: By vividbreeze
Capcom today announced Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, which features 100 minutes of action packed animation and a behind the scenes look at its creation. Just click Read more for the full press release.


SUNNYVALE, Calif - June 27, 2006 — Capcom® , a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, in partnership with Manga Entertainment today released Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie for the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system.
2006/06/23 16:17:28: By purbeast
Kotaku has a clip up of him using a PSP kiosk in action. For those of you who don't know what it even is, it's very similar to a vending machine that you purchase your PSP stuff from, except it's not in the gym or on the street. It's inside normal retail stores. It's pretty cool. Click the link for the video.
2006/06/16 16:26:20: By DM
Capcom sends along a new batch of screens from the first brand new GNG game in years. This one sure looks like a ton of fun, check it out.

2006/06/08 21:50:18: By vividbreeze
The official Guilty Gear: Judgment website is launched and showcasing the upcoming fighting game for the PSP. The website includes an overview of the features, character bios, and screenshots. Guilty Gear: Judgment will be available this summer and so far it's looking pretty awesome!
2006/06/05 18:45:28: By DM
You have, no doubt, been hearing a lot about the quirky PSP game Loco Roco recently. Well, Eurogamer took the time to review the title for us. If you want to find out just what this strange puzzler is all about click on over.
2006/06/05 8:56:19: By DM
Eurogamer was able to get Sony to grant an interview with Japan's Tsutomo Kuono, the man behind the critically acclaimed Loco Roco PSP game. This game has been compared to Katamarin for its quirky-ness, and it is highly addictive. He speaks about the game, what made him design a title like this, and more.
2006/06/03 21:44:23: By DM
The US version of the LocoRoco downloadable PSP demo is out. First, you need to update to the 2.71 firmware. Then, point the PSP browser to the PSP homepage (just go to favorites menu and select PSP), go to North American PSP website, click on the games section link, and the LR demo will be the top link there. If you want to see instructions on how to get the demo displayed on your PC, click on the link.
2006/06/01 16:02:47: By DM
Apparently there is a version of Moto GP in the works for PSP, and Famitsu had some images from the game. It does not look anything like the Xbox360 version, of course, but it does look acceptable. With the WiFi play we are sure it will feature, it should make for a nice little game.

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