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2009/05/05 8:38:01: By DM
This week, Nintendo has planned some real nice downloads. For the DSiWare Channel, users get both the Animal Crossing Calculator and the Animal Crossing Clock. Both programs are used to help keep track of things for you in Animal Crossing games. The WiiWare channel has Penguins and Friends, a party game for up to four players. The Virtual Console has Tower Toppler,
a puzzle game from the Commodore 64 for 1 player. Click read more for the full info.


Fans of the popular Animal Crossing™ series can enjoy a pair of downloadable—and practical—debuts this week via the Nintendo DSiWare™ service. Whether you're telling time or doing arithmetic, these handy applications will give your daily number-crunching a critter-friendly boost. A new WiiWare™ game also takes a fun peek into the animal kingdom, while the latest Virtual Console™ release sends players underwater for classic Commodore 64 action.
2009/05/04 16:12:26: By DM
Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President, has confirmed that the Wii Video service that just launched in Japan, called Wii-no-Ma, will be exported. The service is available in Japan only as of now, but the plans are underway to launch the streaming video service in other countries as soon as possible. Some of the Japanese content might even be exported as well. Cool.
2009/05/04 9:23:39: By DM
The sequel to Red Steel is coming along at Ubisoft, and GoNintendo has a few more details for us. They also explain why the game has no multiplayer mode. Ubisoft said, regarding the lack of multiplayer, that they would love to create a multi mode, but not right now. They really want to focus on the "core mechanic," and as much as everyone wants to kill each other with swords, it is not going to happen this time. May be it will come via DLC at a later date, but nothing is certain. Some other details were revealed, including the game being "intensely focused on physical fighting," with gunplay a second option always. The game will not have an open world this time around, but will be more linear, although there will be multiple paths. There will be boss fights, and the use of the motion plus will not be limited to fighting. Hopefully it comes all together well.

2009/04/30 16:28:00: By DM
According to Gamasutra, as of now, third-party games are taking the top spots on the Wii most-anticipated games list. Wii Sports Resort, the Nintendo follow-up to Wii Sports, which uses the new Wii MotionPlus add-on, is the top most wanted game, but besides that, the list is mostly Activision and EA filled. Other games include Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Need for Speed Nitro, and Madden NFL 10, believe it or not. Click read more for the full list.
2009/04/30 14:14:11: By DM
Nintendo top man Satoru Iwata has unveiled the Wii-no-Ma, a Wii and DSi video-on-demand service. The service officially begins on May 1, 2009, in Japan, and overseas deployment will come in "the future," as per usual with Nintendo's programs. The service will only offer new content, and Japanese stations have agreed to provide shows, as they do not see the service as competition, it seems. It may not be smart to launch this video service with such limited offerings, especially with PS3 and such already offering much more, but Nintendo has a knack for doing things uniquely different -- may be they will do it again with the Wii-no-Ma.
2009/04/28 10:21:38: By DM
The Nintendo Wii edition of Rock Band is getting 20 new tracks this week in the Rock Band music store. The songs are mostly from Jane's Addiction and Megadeth, with one from Oasis, and also one from The Police. Click read more for the full info, tracks are the usual $1.99 price.


Cambridge, Mass. – April 27, 2009 - Harmonix and MTV Games announced today a monster lineup of 20 new tracks coming this week to the Rock Band® Music Store catalogue of downloadable content for Wii™ home videogame console from Nintendo, including hit songs from American metal outfit Megadeth, British alternative group Oasis and one of the most popular pop rock bands of all time, The Police.
2009/04/22 15:29:27: By DM
The Nintendo Wii sales have now surpassed 8 million units in Japan, according to Enterbrain. As of last week, the console's official sales number was 8,000,540. The Wii has been on sale in Japan since December 2, 2006, so we are talking just over two years. Not bad at all.
2009/04/22 8:52:00: By DM
US gamers can now purchase WiiWare titles on Amazon. Recently, Amazon added the ability to purchase Xbox Live Arcade game through their website, and it has been successful, apparently. So successful, in fact, that now WiiWare games for the Nintendo Wii Console are now available for purchase as well. The cost is $14.99 per game, for the most part, and purchase will provide a code for users to enter, which will allow them to download the game on their Wii console.

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