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2006/01/13 16:56:49: By DM
CVG has posted their hands on of the new insane looking Criterion FPS, Black. They get their hands on the Xbox version, whish does not look as impressive since the hardware is a bit more forgiving than the PS2. Check it out.
2006/01/10 16:07:57: By DM
EA has released four more screens for MVP 06 NCAA Baseball for the Xbox. The screens came in 16:9 aspect ratio so may be this game will feature HD support. Then again it is EA. The screens also seem like EA is trying to add that shiny-cellophane look from next-gen to the current gen. Click on the news title to see for yourself.
2006/01/09 11:45:03: By DM
Gamespy has two new screens of the Xbox version of the new Splinter Cell. The images looks just as good as the last few images that were released, and knowing how good the last splinter cell looked on Xbox, we have no doubt this one will look just as good, if not better.

2005/12/24 16:47:32: By vividbreeze
One of my favorite FPS games, Far Cry: Instincts, landed on the Xbox a few months back and now it seems that they are going to release a Far Cry 1.5 for Xbox. Who knows what new features they will add in for us, but for now its only a rumor. Ubisoft has not confirmed this title at all but over at Gamestop they have the game listed as the same day for Far Cry on Xbox360 which is 03/14/06.

Update: One of our readers claims that Ubisoft Montreal is working on a game called Far Cry X, and this is likely that title.
2005/12/20 21:59:35: By DM
EA has announced that the Warsome Booster Pack will add three new battlegrounds to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the XBox. On December 22 Xbox Live Battlefield 2 players will be able to grab the new maps as well as new vehicles like attack snowmobiles (?). EA claims this is a $10 dollar value, and you lucky players get it for free. Thanks EA.
2005/12/19 21:44:30: By DM
Sega has released some gameplay movies of four stages of the new Sonic Riders racing game. The game, to be honest, looks like it may just be fun. The graphics are not that great, but the gameplay just may be there if the videos are to be believed. Click on the news title for the media.
2005/12/15 17:35:35: By DM
Atari sends along the official trailer for the new Driver game, Driver: Parallel Lines. The game looks like it will have that cheesy Starsky-and-Hutch look that game devs think we all love. Then again it can't possibly be worse than Driv3er, right? At least the trailer has a great song to go with it. Click on the news title for the video.
2005/12/13 13:09:38: By DM
As you know, the first NBA Ballers was a surprise hit seller for Midway, and since even poor selling games get sequels, there is now an NBA Ballers 2. Called NBA Ballers: Phenom, this game continues the Ballers game style with a few additions. For all the details click here. To view the new screens and trailer from the XBox version click on the news title.

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