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2008/11/17 9:12:09: By DM
Rare's Studio Manager, Mark Betteriedge, spoke with GI, and stated that the company's future games will "surprise" people. The game are of different styles, no more shooters, or games that label the 360 as a "hardcore" box. No actual details on the games were given, of course, but stay tuned. Killer Instinct anyone?
2008/11/14 15:19:24: By DM
In case you missed it last night, Major Nelson reported that the final wave of New Xbox Experience Preview users was added early this morning. If you did not get an e-mail by now, then it looks as if you will have to wait until the official release in a few days. Oh well! So far though, all the reports have been pretty positive. Speed is increased, and the HDD install feature works well, it seems.
2008/11/14 12:34:12: By DM
In a post-launch interview, the outspoken Cliffy B. from Epic warns gamers not to call Gears a "trilogy." He said the MS employee who called the game franchise a trilogy originally was wrong to do so. He even says you can call him a "douche" if you want, but give Gears a try. It seems Cliff always has something to say about something these days.

2008/11/13 22:36:33: By DM
The demo for the video game adaptation of Disney's new animated movie Bolt is now available on Xbox Live. The demo weighs in at 818mb, so grab it for the kiddies.
2008/11/13 14:19:02: By DM
In lieu of a new game yesterday, there are three titles being added to the MS Arcade Hits program. Feeding Frenzy, Worms, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 are all available now for 400MS points.
2008/11/12 12:26:21: By DM
According to the Fable II Community Blog over at the official Lionhead website, there will be a big Fable II announcement next week. No hints were given as to what the news even pertains to, but if they are telling us a week ahead of time, it may be big.
2008/11/12 10:09:11: By DM
We heard about this a couple of days ago, but were waiting for the official word before we posted. Well, Major Nelson has made it official. Microsoft has completed another round of modified Xbox360 bans via Xbox Live. Those few who modify their Xbox360 consoles to play pirated games, and were unlucky enough to be caught on Live, got the ban hammer. This was not so surprising, considering both Fable II and Gears of War 2 were released early, and many pirates have been playing them online for weeks.
2008/11/12 9:43:09: By DM
The worldwide sales of Gears of War 2 just beat 2 million units in the first weekend of the game's availability. Of course, this is no surprise, as the game's launch is said to be behind only Halo 3 and GTA IV, both hard games to top. Microsoft said that over 1.5 million people logged into Xbox Live with GoW2 over the weekend, logging a total of 15 million gameplay hours -- apparently a new XBL record.

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