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2008/10/20 21:04:30: By DM
Just a quick heads up, folks. The demo for the new Scene It! game, Box Office Smash, is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 447mb, so grab it fast and have some movie trivia fun. Online multiplayer will be a blast for this on, we bet.
2008/10/20 8:51:23: By DM
Bungie has stated that it new IP that we have all heard whispers about is not tied to Microsoft, and even better, it is not tied to the Xbox360. This means the game is likely a non-Halo project, but Bungie admitted they have not even decided on a primary platform yet. Stay tuned.

"No, we're not [tied into a specific platform for new IP]," said community and PR director Brian Jarrard, "We haven't gotten that far yet to be totally honest.
2008/10/17 11:19:28: By DM
Yesterday, Konami put to rest again the rumors that MGS4 is coming to the Xbox360. Microsoft's John Schappert did comment on the rumor, though, and stated that the Xbox360 could easily run MGS4. Of course, this is in no way an admission of MS's plans, but when a rumor like this keeps cropping up, sometimes it means it really is true.

2008/10/17 9:03:57: By DM
Rumor mill for now, but this is just the latest hint in the long line of tidbits that points to a Killer Instinct game in the works. According to IGN UK, characters available by scanning pictures using the Live Vision camera, gamers can unlock three characters from the Rare fighter. This may be proof that the developer is working on the game and has given us yet another bone to chew on to increase hype. Then again, it could just be nothing at all. You decide.
2008/10/16 8:49:17: By DM
If you check out Xbox.com, it looks like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be hitting Xbox Live for download as an Xbox original title. The game will cost 1200ms points, not bad for such a popular game, and a long game at that. No word on when it will be available.
2008/10/15 22:29:38: By DM
Some of you were in the beta for Endwar , so you have experienced it already, but for those who have not, there is a demo available now on Xbox Live. The voice command for this game is amazing, it worked near-flawlessly in the beta, so now it must be near-perfect. The demo weighs in at 1.6gb, though, so get downloading!
2008/10/15 16:35:27: By DM
This is certainly rumor mill fodder for now. According to XboxEvolved, their sources have told them that the next Xbox console from Microsoft will be "forward compatible." This means that current Xbox360 games will be enhanced when played on the next hardware system. This happens to a small degree now, but apparently it will be on a totally different scale this time around. Increased draw distance, better frame rates, and more anti-aliasing, are just a few of the things the new hardware will add to older games, according to the XBE source. Hopefully this is true, but we likely have a long time to wait to confirm or deny this, and even if it is true now, it very well may change.
2008/10/14 12:36:55: By DM
Just a quick heads up, folks. The demo for Madagascar 2 is now available on Xbox Live. It is a kids-targeted platformer to go hand in hand with the new movie, so grab it if you have young ones.

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