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2008/08/26 15:52:58: By DM
The content of the now-confirmed Gears of War 2 bonus disc have been revealed. There will be a documentary about the making of the game, the characters, and their profiles. MCV even has a list of the DVD chapters, for those interested.
2008/08/26 14:36:43: By DM
Just a reminder, folks. This week wraps up the "Summer of Arcade" event on Xbox Live, with the release of Castle Crashers for 1200 MS points. This game is being touted by many as one of the better XBLA titles to date, so make sure to check it out.
2008/08/24 22:40:06: By DM
Just in case you missed it, folks, there is now a Soul Calibur demo posted on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 695mb, not so big. If you are still on the fence over this great game, check out the demo.

2008/08/21 7:55:52: By DM
Just a heads up, folks. As promised, the Star Wars The Force Unleashed demo is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It weighs in at 904mb, so start your download now. The PSN version of the demo should be up later today.
2008/08/20 9:13:38: By DM
Behold the power of the Capcom/SNK/Arc fighting game resurgence. Microsoft has finally heeded the many consumer complaints about the Xbox360 controller D-Pad, and revealed a re-design that fixes the problem. The pad now has an 8-way input, with a larger rocker beneath. The pad is much more tactile, apparently. This is great news in time for the coming slew of fighters. Photos don't show much outwardly, though.
2008/08/19 13:30:24: By DM
Outspoken Silicon Knights man Denis Dyack claims he could care less about the bad Too Human reviews. As you may or may not know, Denis has basically not shut up since the disastrous E3 2006 game demo. Since then, even though the game has literally been redone, he has never stopped criticizing game forums like GAF and other outlets who have been bashing the game since then. Tomorrow we will all find out, it seems.

"Do I think people are going to be critical? Well people already have - people were critical about the game before they'd even played it, so I don't think that's necessarily going to change."
2008/08/19 8:08:21: By DM
Atari has released the first gameplay trailer for the Xbox360 edition of Race Pro. As you can see, the cars are officially licensed, and the game looks fantastic. These days, though, racing games are all looking amazing. If the frame rate holds up, it may be up there with GRiD.
2008/08/18 9:33:49: By DM
Remedy has apparently been following the internet buzz about their game Alan Wake. The net seems to think that the game has gone the way of the Dodo since it did not show up at E3 or even Leipzig. Well, Remedy posted a small update in the official forums to let us know things are still on track. Basically they are giving us the old "we want the game to be great" excuse.

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