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Sony Drops PS2 Price To $99.99, Not In Europe Though >
2009/03/31 9:41:57: Posted by DM
Well, it seems that Sony is not dropping the price on the PS3. The big announcement today is that the Playstation 2 is now just $99.99 USD. Of course, this is great news for those cannot just yet afford a next-gen setup. For those waiting to get a PS3, though, more disappointment. Sony really needs to lower the PS3 price now as well for an all-around sales boost.

Update: It seems the price drop will not affect European regions. We have no idea what this is about, but it looks like Sony is back to the old tradition of screwing Europeans. More info when we have it.

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Written by Xenos on 2009/03/31

And this is why it's a mistake to get excited about "big announcements" this gen.

I can't think of one announcement of an announcement that turned out to be anything unexpected. IMO there are some bad trends that have started this gen.


Everyone screws over Europe, in one way or another and some more than others. It's not only Sony though, just look at what Ninty did with the Wii pricing.
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/31

Edit 2:

Don't know if it's because of the price drop or what, but the price of the ps2 is $99 in Europe as well.
Written by Sky on 2009/03/31

Continue that momentum Sony.
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/31

Seeing as how the PS2's sales have dropped 60% compared to sales a year ago, there is no "momentum".
Written by MASTERJ0J0 on 2009/03/31

well seeing as how the ps2 is a 9 year old console, any sales at all can be called "momentum"
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/04/01

True that jojo, i give the 360 a total 6 year run maybe. Then ms will can it. Sony on the other hand continues to support their consoles for ten years each run. So hell if it's selling why not.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/04/01

We wont see the next Xbox till 2012 minimum. Thats a 7-8 year lifespan. Maybe we all just need to stop living in the past. If you call supporting a console for 10 years by selling it for a lower price and moving first party/second party support to a newer platform support, then maybe you guys should ease up off the koolaid. Neither the PS3 or 360 is going away any time soon.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/04/01

my 360's went away pimp. 4 of them in the garbage.
Written by king@kjs on 2009/04/06


Well its time to Buy a ps3!!!LOL
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