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Twilight Princess To Feature Gannon & Much More >
2006/01/24 11:19:46: Posted by DM
According to the Hylia, there was an interview recently in Nintendo Power in which Yoshiyuki Oyama from the Zelda team was interviewed. He revealed not only that Gannondorf would return in Zelda: TP, but that the team is preparing "more than [we] could possibly ever, ever expect." If this is not good news I don't konw what is.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Written by OMG (1) on 2006/01/24

HOLY CRAP GANNON! That's like saying "yes, dr wily will return as villain in megaman _!!!!!"

Written by WORMGERM on 2006/01/24

Yeah but he is gonna look fucking sweet.
Written by peaces (65) on 2006/01/25

its ganon, not gannon
Written by Kenofthedead (4) on 2006/01/25

Well you have to remember Ganon hasn't be in every Legend of Zelda game.

Plus, Ganon is a diffrent form and beast then normal and human (elf?) Ganondorf.

Think of it like Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Diffrent beings.

So yes, it actualy is quite diffrent from saying "Dr. Wily will return as the villain in Megaman".
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