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2006/02/04 17:48:23: Posted by DM
A recent issue of Famitsu had the first images of the PSP Evangelion game. This game is based on the PS2 Evangelion game which did fairly well in Japan. The game looks pretty good for PSP, as you can see by the images. Click on the news title to see them.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Written by Aaron W (1) on 2006/05/24

Wow this is great! An evangelion game for PSP! Does anyone know if it will be released in English?
Written by sock (1) on 2006/06/24

after doing research...i have concluded that it wont be released in english...thats a shame :[
Written by broken hearted (about eva) (1) on 2006/08/02

why wont it be released in english?

i dont know the origin of this site but li live in Australia and i have a lot of trouble finding anything Evangelion!!!!
Written by howard (1) on 2006/08/04

its really ashamed that it will not released in english. :( I wanna have that game!!!
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