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2006/02/13 8:59:22: Posted by DM
The most recent Nintendo Dream magazine had some images from Baten Kaitos 2, the Namco Gamecube RPG sequel due out in Japan very soon. The game looks pretty much just like Baten 1, which sold pretty well here in the US. Click on the news title for the images.

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Baten Kaitos 2

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Written by The G (9) on 2006/02/13

WOW There is still a game other than zelda coming out on this console. Funny, in the uk nearly all major retailers dont sell gamecube, and on ebay.co.uk you can find brand new ones for £30. Anyways i guess if you americans still like it.........

The 1st game was actually kinda good, but im not bringing my gamecube out of retirement untill zelda comes out and then thats it.
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