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Next-Gen Nokia Mobile Gaming Unit To Debut In 2007 >
2006/03/21 10:33:45: Posted by DM
We would not have believed it unless we read it ourselves. Nokia, glutton for punishment, is going to launch another mobile gaming unit. No details about the unit were given, but this press releases announces that the SDK (software development kit) is ready for anyone who wants it. Yikes. Click read more for the full press info.

San Jose, CA, USA - Nokia today unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) and consumer interface for its next generation mobile gaming platform. The new tools and consumer interface are designed to empower the mobile games industry to create high quality 3D mobile games for Nokia smartphones.

"Our new SDK contains familiar tools for developers, making it easy to focus on doing what they do best - creating great mobile games," said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. "Our platform lets developers put their games in millions of pockets worldwide and these new tools ensure developers can get on board to take advantage of this fantastic business opportunity."

Nokia also showcased its next generation mobile gaming consumer interface, showing how consumers can easily discover, purchase, play, manage and share the best mobile games.

"With our new consumer interface, you get quick access to new games and information, it's easy to buy and manage your games, and share game accomplishments with your friends. You can play fantastic looking games for a great overall entertainment experience in your pocket. This new consumer interface is going to transform the way people find and play mobile games," continued Sauter.

The new developer tools include Game Development Libraries, based on C++ programming libraries, which will be available across multiple devices. The Game Development Libraries can be updated on the devices for resolving compatibility issues, and adding new features, including industry standard DRM solutions for content protection with minimal integration. Developers can also take advantage of the real-time connected gaming and community features enabled by the N-Gage Arena.

Nokia provides a professional development environment with debugging and analyzing tools such as on target real-time debugging and profiling over USB. Developers also have access to world class developer support through the new Forum Nokia PRO Games Zone launched today.

Nokia's next generation mobile games platform is expected to launch in the first half of 2007, with a range of titles and devices.

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Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/21

Uh oh... I thought they would've given up after the n gage totally bombed.

I feel sorry for everyone that bought that thing. Microsoft's handheld on the other hand will easily be up there with the psp and ds in due time. The fact that microsoft is planning to enter the handheld market pretty much spells trouble for this new nokia handheld.
Written by otoole on 2006/03/21

360 = god
Written by teitoku on 2006/03/21

Unless they're both game devices AND phones, they don't exactly compete between each other. I probably play my ngage more than my PSP or DS simply because I can always have it with me, unlike those big extra-pocket-needing clunkers.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/07

I think n-gage was a partial failure and If nokia want to do a new system is better they open the eyes because psp is ultra-popular.

in my opinion they should repete the same formular of n-gage but some games should be exclusives , i mean big guns games like Final fantasy , MGS and older titles remaked for mobile.
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