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2006/03/30 21:07:25: Posted by DM
The producer of the Zelda series revealed a ton of Twilight Princess info in an interview with ZHQ. Bascially the new Zelda game is going to be the flagship title of the Revolution. Mind you it will work fully on the Gamecube still as well. He also revealed that they are considering an online Zelda game. How it would work though is anyone's guess. Check this out, it is packed with info (and innuendo).

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Written by CraiZE on 2006/03/31
Link is broken.....
Written by smmdad (1) on 2006/03/31
i think the mutltiplayer zelda game whill be mmo DUH!!
Written by tipster (1) on 2006/03/31
Lots of god info there. I wonder how the first person perspective fighting will wrk out with the Rev.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/31
The Revolution is turning out to be Crap. Come on if you could play a flagship game on old technology than what that says about the Revolution. What is it. Is it a Gamecube with few improvements or is it Next Gen. It's time for Nintendo to put the Console making to rest and join Sega in making games only. I would love to see what they could do with a true Next Gen system. Imagine Mario on the Xbox360 OR PS3 Now that would be something to look forward to than the Revolution. Nintendo, R.I.P The console making.
Written by 17th colossus on 2006/03/31
NiNTENDO = teh pwn
Written by Edge of Blade (38) on 2006/03/31
Ric: I don't think you understand how profitable Nintendo is. Cut through the hype and your personal biases and read a few financial reports. Nintendo is the one that refills their pockets the best.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/31
Look I'm not Bias against them. I have purchased every system known to man. Thats including everything nintendo had to offer. But the truth is that they are failing to capture the market on systems. Now I'm not saying that they can't produce some nice games. But enough with the let me be different from the world systems. It's time for them to just be a game maker thats it. Maybe handhelds do well for them but ever since the N64 they failed. They would have not lost Square FF series if they would have came out with a cd base system, Instead of Cartridges still. We the consumers got ripped off with that one. Also the GameCube is a nice system but game makers really didn't care for it. Now this one. Come on a controller that you swing and it plays games. Wow Thats Exciting. I don't know about you but after awhile I probably will get tired of swinging my arms. Bottom line I'm a game fan not just a fanboy. So to be bias I'm not. I just call it as I see it.
Written by KonamiKid (4) on 2006/03/31
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