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2006/04/08 18:12:05: Posted by DM
In the latest issue of GameInformer there are a few notable rumors. First of all, GI is standing by their April issue in which they revealed the new Halo game is called Forerunner. Secondly, they reveal a "Project Orion." This is supposedly a team put together to explore the possibility of a Halo MMO game. The claim the game is still in the "planning stages," but it is going ahead. Thirdly, Microsoft is in the process of trying to secure the next version of GTA for the Xbox360. Lastly, Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 3 is not a rumor, it is actually in production. This remake will suppposedly use the FFXII real time battle system.

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Written by bob (280) on 2006/04/08

Let me guess, MS will do what they always do, and pay through the nose so that GTA is a 360 exclusive. Typical Microsoft.

It's very good to hear that FF VII is actually in the works. I just started playing the origional the other day, and I would love to see it on the PS3.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/04/08

bob thats what sony does too, lets be fair. I'm definetly buying a ps3 if final fantasy VII is being remade for it nothing much else to say.... GTA 360 exclusive hahahaha that would be an EXTREMELY smart move by Microsoft. If a game like final fantasy 7 with the type of graphics I expect from the ps3 uses the ffXII battle system they BETTER make the battle system look alot more impressive.

Having cloud or sephiroth be so detailed and then not have fancy attack moves to match their character models would be ashame, but this is square enix so we'll see. Then again i question a final fantasy VII remake unless sakaguchi is in on it as well.

The battle system itself in ffXII was good, but the fight animations weren't anything to brag about.
Written by Cerberus616 (1) on 2006/04/09

*Edited: Yeah... if you know it isn't allowed, don't post it. Thanks.*
Written by optaviusx on 2006/04/09

I don't know about that final fantasy VII remake unless sakaguchi is helping, uematsu, there are so many things that don't seem right about a remake unless they are involved. This is the one I find most hard to believe sakaguchi and uematsu of all people have to be involved or it wouldn't seem right for it to happen.
Written by Da Man (152) on 2006/04/09

Why would Sakaguchi have to be involved? The game is basically done already, they just need to bring the game to this century (orchestrated music, upgraded graphics, and apparently the new battle system). The plot and the idea of the game is still the same, they're not changing it.

And optaviusx, that's the style they chose for the fights in FFXII. They're pretty realistic looking. They could do a bit more non-realistic looking battle system in FFVII PS3.
Written by Blah (119) on 2006/04/09

If they are gonna remake FFVII, I say they should use the Star Ocean real-time battle system instead of FFXII's. I mean I played the FFXII demo and the battle system all that bad, but Star Ocean's battle system actually made you try to beat the monsters and doing combos and such. Instead of pressing the Attack command over and over. I think if they did that with FFVII for PS3, the game will be more perfect then it was for PS1.
Written by Da Man (152) on 2006/04/09

Blah, don't judge FFXII's battle system after only playing the demo. The demo was super easy because they gave you characters that were too powerful for the area. In the final game you can't run through areas killing monsters with ease just pressing the Attack Command.
Written by Xynen (1) on 2006/04/09

Cerebus616, you need to calm down, so what if MS "hogs all the games" Sony does it and MS does it, even Nintendo does it.
Written by Edge of Blade (68) on 2006/04/10

Once again, everyone tries to make MS out to be the evil corporation. If you actually pay attention, they are in the business, just as much as anyone.

And, BTW, you could say FF was "hore"d out to Sony in the first place. Nintendo made their systems of choice, until something more powerful came around. Now, FF is getting into a rut and has an inflated head thanks to FFVII. Why do you think they are going back to FFVII? Everything else has been down hill since.
Written by ace (6) on 2006/04/10

Are you kidding?? Sony rose to the top by making buying franchises. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear started on Nintendo. I hope Microsoft rips all that they can.

Are you kidding?? Sony rose to the top by making buying franchises. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear started on Nintendo. I hope Microsoft rips all that they can.

Written by aries (1) on 2006/04/10

What do u sony fanboys want? There to be only one game console out there? if u guys get what u want the price of the next ps would go up to $1000 dollars, games would cost 100$ and they would be total crap. remember the last time there was only one big player in the console market back in the 80s with atari right? competitive markets are better. and sony doesnt love u. just ur anime loving wallets.....
Written by shotty (1) on 2006/04/10

Its true nintendo had a lot of exclusives that sony bought out. Know MS is teaching them a lesson by buying out all the ps3 exclusives. Pretty soon the ppl that held on to the ps line because of the exclusives such as final fantasy, gta and metal gear have to reason to.
Written by oracle (1) on 2006/04/10

I don't see what everyone is afraid of other than the fact that MS is trying to move the industry forward as a whole and that they have said many times they want to grow the market for everyone and not just themselves(sony)! Gta for 360 would be great especially made from the ground up and im sure there will be some great announcements at e3! I for one do expect great features from ps3(physics,sound,blurayand websurfing) but I don't expect mind blowing graphics! It may be in the same realm as nintendo once again but thats just my thought on it!
Written by Jim (2) on 2006/04/10

The reason Playstation had a lot of exclusives was because Nintendo screwed up; they thought they could sell things on their name alone, regardless of the competition. They were wrong and they paid the price.

Playstation is the scion of Nintendo and I think it's only natural that, after what Nintendo did to themselves and Sony taking what they learned from Nintendo to make the Playstation, that Playstation get what Nintendo had lost.
Written by The L (2) on 2006/04/10

it would seem abit stupid to for rockstar to make a deal with ms to just produce for the 360 exclusivly

(what optavious would say if it was vise versa and has said in the past anyway).

they would lose out on a LOAD of money, they sold more on the ps than xbox didnt they?

unless microsoft offer them more money than they would get from selling the next gta on Ps3 i cant see them making that decision (then again who knows....)

btw optavious u say u aint a fanboy well u may not be a super fanboy but u are definetly DEFINETLY biased towards microsoft
Written by khatib (1) on 2006/04/10

i agree, not only is microsoft having a monopoly on the computers, but know the 360. when will ms learn that they have to share??
Written by john (10) on 2006/04/10

Just for your information, you should all know that exclusive title exist now for decades. Regardless if you are call MSFT, SONY or NINTENDO, it is a normal business practice. As soon as you usually see a title for only one platform, it is because the console compagny have been paying big cash to ensure the title for their platform only.

The ROI (return on investment) is much more bigger than the amount they are paying for an exclusive game. It is all based on perception, popularity of the title and the impact on the gamer community.

So, you should never accuse a company to badly behave versus another, it is one the way the ensure to win the battle over time. They all do it, it is a normal business practice.
Written by CrizzleC (1) on 2006/04/10

I say we just take all the games from the sony fanboys

and just force them to switch over. PS stop crying sony,you've had a good run and its over now with 800 dollar system and loss of exclusive publishers you may as well pack up and leave...or at least screw up then fall like brick.
Written by Si Pie (1) on 2006/04/10

Well I for one am not a fanboy as I think its very stupid to blindly give loyalty to any company just because you have the system. I have lived through the Atari era also through the Sega vs Nintendo war and have learned not to judge the consoles on what companies produce them but to just concentrate on what games I like to play. Just remember microsoft just like sony and nintendo are there to make money and if that means getting exclusive rights to GTA then thats what they do. The thing is the console is only as good as the games it has on it. So what if GTA is on xbox. If you like GTA then get an xbox simple as that. As for which console hardware is better well no one can say for a fact until they have independant benchmarks carried out on them to compare.
Written by Mike (27) on 2006/04/10

I think it was an April's fool gag. They had it under a section in the mag labeled "GameInFarcer". C'mon...PS3 FF7 with a FF12 battle system. GTA on being exclusive on the Xbox 360. Think about it..
Written by Spudboy (1) on 2006/04/11

Rockstar won't let Microsoft have an exclusive GTA . . . but they may let M$ pay big bucks to release it on the 360 first.
Written by Drew (3) on 2006/04/11

"I think it was an April's fool gag"

you idiot...read the date it was posted...and why include the FF XII battles sysem-_- The original was better...Why fix what isnt broken?
Written by Kamui (1) on 2006/04/11

Yuck Fou...The damn article itself was from the April issue. It was an Aprils fool article, much like the yearly "Lamepro" thing gamepro has.

Drew sucks dick.
Written by Chris (30) on 2006/04/14

Yall all suck

I like black cock.

Written by BRUTALBISHOP (1) on 2006/04/23

Written by Lazarus (1) on 2006/04/26

For the record, this rumor/comment/whatever was posted in the may issue, not april.
Written by Zeb (1) on 2006/04/26

In my game informer magazine by the looks of things there will be a FF7 Remake cuz all the rumors of a remake have been proven to be true so its in the works right now as we speak thats all i wanted to let u know good game to u all have fun when its released
Written by gamer andy (1) on 2006/08/09

There is no way that sony will allow MS to get evclusive rights to the GTA it will never happen. Also I agree with BrutalBishop except I am a sony fan boy and I also have an Xbox 360, and I also believe that 360 titles will only get better but It will be Sony's 2nd and 3rd generation games that will have people salavating at the mouth because it will take developers time to get used to the Blu-ray format. Imagin what games will look like 2yrs into the ps3 lifespan when developers will make better use of 50gb of storage space, seemless games with no loading times out of world sized enviroments,superior graphics and games that have up 250hrs of game time instead of 50-100hrs. It might take a while for people to warm up to the ps3 but when the masses finally do MS better look out.

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