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Sony's New Smaller PSP With Touch Screen >
2006/04/11 11:28:36: Posted by DM
Take this one with a grain of salt folks, we are not sure how reliable TechSpy is. According to them, there is a new version of the PSP on the way called the PSi, and it will feature a touch screen. Pretty blatent duplication of the DS, then again, this may not be true.

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Written by silverwolf on 2006/04/11

Why wouldn't it be true? They've copied from MS why not opy from Nintendo!
Written by 17th colossus on 2006/04/11

i for 1 dont think a touchscreen will be on the next psp.they should focus on a handier device . the psp just doesn´t fit right whilst playing. and the thing is too heavy , just my 2 cents.
Written by SONY INNOVATION! (1) on 2006/04/11

Funny, although Sony is the VG market leader they've never been particularly innovating. Shoot, the PS1 was a hand-me-down nintendo project (started out as a CD drive project for Nintendo, when it fizzled, Sony turned the project into the PS1). PNP is a carbon copy of live. The PS3 is rumored to have a nunchuck controller peripheral like the Revolution. And now Sony copies the Nintendo DS/Lite....

...Pardon me if I don't get on board with the Johnny-come-lately company...
Written by THESADBARBER (3) on 2006/04/11

It's funny that people on here post trash constantly about Sony. THey copy this, they are crappy at that. IF they were so terrible, how do they maintain such a large marketshare in comparison to the other companies? If I remember correctly, Nintendo crapped on Sony when creating the eventual PS1 by backing out of an agreement. Sony then took it upon themselves to hand Nintendo their arses. They have ever since. You can't fault Sony for rolling with the punches. Everyone copies someone else in the console business. Nintendo copied Atari by creating a home console. Big whoop. You fanboys really need to get a life.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/04/11

In order to improve on a product one HAS to copy then put their own spin on things. Also the ds isn't beating the psp in japan because of the touch screen. Its because of all the weird games that japan just loves :)

Remember where ya heard it viva pinata for the 360 will be big in japan.
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/04/11

"and the thing is too heavy , just my 2 cents."

Funniest thing I've heard about the PSP. You must be extremely weak or physically disabled to think that the PSP is heavy.

I agree with Thesadbarber that everybody has to copy somebody else in order to start. Who do you think NIntendo copied the idea of using DVD (even if it's Mini-DVD) from? I wonder why they didn't stick to catridge hmm. If ANYbody's an imitator, it should be Microsoft. People loved PS2 because it was smaller? Slimmer 360 checked. Nice Japanese RPGs? Checked. Smaller standard controller? Checked. I heard they're also planning on a portable gaming device. How original.

Oh, and Viva Pinata will be big among the people who actually bought/will buy a 360 :P
Written by Test (102) on 2006/04/11

Take heed Sony...remodel the PSP, or your fanboys won't be able to use their thumbs for masturbatory purposes anymore.
Written by chasalate (1) on 2006/04/18

i think that the psp is fine how it is they only need to make more memory a little bit smaller in width and make the camera thing the touch screen is not a good idea i think that would be gay. just make a keyboared. whoever that was that said it fits funny in your hands... your crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the most comfortable thing to hold ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i agree with Itaintrite microsaof tis the biggest imatator ever!!! microsoft designer-"lets copy sony becaue they are better than us in the gaming industry, lets go ahead and make a handheld xbox that like our controllers is uncomfortable and too big, that would be great"
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