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Metroid Prime 3 To Show At E3? >
2006/04/15 13:19:09: Posted by DM
According to Matt over at IGN, Nintendo will be showing off Metroid Prime III at E3 this year. This IGN editor frequently gives us the scoop ahead of time on his blog, but even still, take it with a grain of salt.

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Written by Da Man (152) on 2006/04/16

Lol, it's kinda obvious Metroid Prime 3 will be playable at this years E3. Retro Studios has been developing the game for at least one and a half years, they better have some results by now. MP3 is one of Nintendo's bigger games in NA and Europe, and it has also been rumoured to be a launch title. That and Nintendo has said there will be plenty of Nintendo games playable at this year's E3.
Written by steve_o_3000 (137) on 2006/04/16

That's cool. Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games of all time. I can't wait to see how Retro takes advantage of the remote gimmick. I just hope I don't have to play all the games standing up, for some reason I have a feeling the games will feel more natural if I'm standing due to the remote. That's alright I guess, but I don't think I could play a game like Oblivion if I had to stand and play the entire time.
Written by Anthony (5) on 2006/05/15

is MP3: corruption gonna be like the legenf of zelda twilight princess and have 2 versions, one on the wii and one on the gamecube?
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

metroid prime sagas are excellent.

i hope that mp3 mantains the same great gameplay...hei i found a reasons to buy the WII.
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