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Nokia Announces n-Gage A Failure, Future Support To Diminsh >
2005/11/25 14:49:39: Posted by DM
Nokia has finally released a statement claiming the the n-Gage was a (partial) failure. The focus of Nokia mobile will be shifted to music and movies, and the n-Gage will be gradually phased out, with no new models planned. They are going to integrate the things they have learned from the n-Gage into their new Series 60 phones. All we can say is, finally!

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Written by IcePaw on 2005/11/25

Ditto, finally. Took long enough.
Written by DM on 2005/11/25

gald to see they decided to cut their losses and include the few good points into their phones
Written by Torelli (2) on 2005/11/25

Crap on it all you want, but I've got a dirt-cheap series 60 smartphone that plays NES, GB, GBC, and Genesis roms.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

n-gage was not really noticed like nintendo gameboy advance also the games were a bit expensive.

nokia learnt their leason
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