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Super Paper Mario GC Preview >
2006/05/17 17:05:06: Posted by DM
NSider has posted their preview of Super Paper Mario, the game that will probably mark the passing of the Gamecube. The game is a Mario game with RPG elements added. Fans of the Paper Mario series should be right at home.

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Written by jumbone (2) on 2006/05/18

It's obviously a mario game; It's called ****ing Super Paper Mario. You should say it's a classic platformer.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/26

i think that super Mario series are alrealdy "more than explored".

But nintendo still dropping them...

after the n64 , i think that the series simply lost some of the magic and became boring,,,,,

for the kids still worth buy it , they dont even imagine how mario was in the snes , fun and more fun

good old times
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