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Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake Really Happening? EGM Says Yes >
2006/05/19 13:56:38: Posted by DM
According to a blurb in this month's issue of EGM, the PS3 is indeed getting a Final Fantasy VII remake sometime in 2007. Now, of course, this is EGM so we will put it in the rumor mill for now.

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Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo

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Written by Chris (30) on 2006/05/19

This was before they knew about ff13 and versus 13, along with all the other games square is making (which is a lot) it's pretty reasonable that there won't be any ff7 remake for a while. I do think they will make one eventually though, especially with the way they've been milking the series lately.

Oh and it should be of note that the guys who made the ff7 tech demo at e3 '05 are the same team working on ff13 now.
Written by - The G- on 2006/05/19

yeah ever since they merged wit enix, they suddenly 'remebered' ff7 brand and how many fans the game has, miliking it for it all it is now, but for what it is, if it indeed became a ps3 exclusive, it will sell shitload of copies and consoles, especially in japan, however if they dont make an alternative ending, where aeris lives, i wont get it :(
Written by CraiZE on 2006/05/19

We keep on getting this news every 2 months ever since the tech demo, atleast somewhere on the internet as quote from somewhere.

No official statement been done about it, and i believe the press on paper just needs to add more rumors, since they still want you to pay a buck for some toiletpaper wrapped with a disc sometimes.

If it happens or not, nobody knows, Square just bitched about it being 5 years of work, and i doubt they will do it; they know that over-milking kills a series too.
Written by MattTS (64) on 2006/05/20

I think this could be a rumour started to sell more consoles. Unfortunately I would probably buy one if it did come out - damn FFVII for being so good.
Written by GeoWolf (13) on 2006/05/20

IF it was to happen I can honestly see it arriving on a Nintendo console considering Square's recent endeavours to re-release the series through GBA and DS. A DS revival is probable after FFIII is completed. Afterall, FFVII fans can still play their PS1 versions on the PS3 so it would probably be more sensible to increase their audience by adding versions to other formats.
Written by Will (1) on 2006/05/21

yea egm gave an expected release date in issue #204 to be some time in 2007, so while thats a while off it wont really happen that long after the release of the PS3 (maybe it will even be here 4 Christmas). if they do remake it though, i want so new options, like break damage limit, break hp limit, summons that dont just leave after 1 attack (maybe control them like FF10 aeons or have them fight with u until their ultimate attack charges up like in the FF12 demos)
Written by Blah (119) on 2006/05/21

If this game is going to be remade, I want Hironobou(SP) Sakaguchi on the job.
Written by Ryan (1) on 2006/05/22

People need to realize...this probably isn't going to happen, and it's probably just a false rumor that EGM is sturring up, to get people to buy the PS3.

IF (and IF) FFVII were to be remade for the PS3, it would NOT simply be ANNOUNCED as "in production" (being made), untill rather the official EXACT DATE of the 10 year anniversary of FFVII (some time in Jan. I believe), or next year, at E3.

If neither of those happen, don't bet the bank on a remake. Personally, i'm calling BS on this one...
Written by vindicator (3) on 2006/05/28

think people! this could all be a clever marketing technique. first they give us a taste of what could happen (the demo), then they take it away and say it will not happen. this as we have seen has caused mass interest and revival of loyalty. u c when a release date is set for next year or wotever, it is soon forgotten. but they want to keep public interest high so wen they announce a remake, they will have higher sales! Keep the faith people! It could happen!!
Written by FF7SHALLBREMEMBERED (1) on 2006/06/12

Think of it this way finalfantasy 7 being ff7 is one of the most infulencial games to ever come out possibly the game to bring power to sony over nintendos bad boy of a n64 once again sony with their 600$ price point for their latest system has put them in some substantial troble in this years console war they need all the strength they kan get on their side a remake of this game would single handedly put tht system in my house and i m not hte only one tht feels tht way ff7 would make or break my decision on whether to buy the system
Written by vindicator (3) on 2006/06/14

i agree with FF7SHALLBREMEMBERED (good name by the way)... the re release of final fantasyVII will cause thousands to save for the overpriced sony instead of the nintendo, just to see cloud and aeris togther again! i know i will! Square just needs to reailse, there is more interest and profit in FFVII than FFXIII. ppl will not buy ps3 for FFXIII, but they wull for FFVII
Written by Johnnie (1) on 2006/06/22

Final Fantasy 7 is by far the best final fantasy if not the greatest rpg of all time. I know if square would remake 7 say goodnight to xbox360 and nintendo because that game would single handy put xbox and nintendo in there graves.Sony would win the console wars with not problem million would flock to buy a ps3 for 600 big buck as it were selling for 6 dollars because they would want the ps3 just for a FF7 remake square would be stuiped not to remake it.They know that one game would own xbox and nintendo. ITS NOT A RUMER SONY KNOWS THAT THEY NEED THAT GAME IF THEY WANT TO WIN THE CONSOLE WAR!
Written by vincent (3) on 2006/06/25

I SUPERBABLY AGREE WITH JOHNNIE! Xbocs720 will be crushed along with other competing systems! if SE does this they will be be the most elite god of gaming!!
Written by vindicator (3) on 2006/06/26

yer but dude it is an awsome games console ne way...much better than others...apart from wii's gameplay. but this will just consolidate their hold on us, they will get even more ppl who otherwise wud refuse to fork out the £450, unless FF7 was re-released
Written by 10YEARANNIVERSERY (1) on 2006/06/29

if they make this freaking game i know i wont be the only one buying this system (for that huge price) there will be thousands of others. square just needs to realize how much money this would make. its an amazing game and i just beat the PS1 version not to long ago. MAKE FINAL FANTASY VII for PS3!!!=]

that video is amazing

Written by FF7Petitioner (1) on 2006/09/16

Make this game.

Fill out feedback forms at the sony website, send them letters in the mail, and go sign the online petition.

www . petitiononline . com/ps3ffvii/petition

www . petitiononline . com/FinalF7/petition
Written by sephy (3) on 2006/10/11

Haha! I think it's a happening, folks, and what a fantastic marketing feat. Why would Square-Enix release a "Final Fantasy VII" tech demo, focusing on amazing and realistic graphics from the most successful and fantastic rpg of all time? There has to be more there than just a tech demo. FFVII's original release date was 1997 and 2007 would put the newest PS3 version at a 10 year anniversary benchmark. Now, I've talked to so many gamers who refuse to buy the PS3 because of that steep price and claim the Nintendo Wii will be at the top of the video game console heap, but with a PS3 remake of the greatest rpg of all time, look out! Bets are on for FFVII in 2007.

Written by toetjuh (1) on 2006/11/03

it is happening, coz i saw a screenshot in a magazine and the name that i saw in japanese battlescreen was cloud strife. hello hint!!
Written by your mother (1) on 2006/11/06

you guys can't be serious. unless SE or Sony announces it, it's NOT HAPPENING.
Written by nevergiveup on 2006/12/26

To be honest, I don't they'll make a remake of FFVII, not just a complete same game anyway. They might add in some extra storylines, you know part of Dirge of Cerberus or part of the adventure in Advent Children, or something completely different. But the odds of the same game but with better graphics and fight scenes is just not going to happen I don't think. However, it would be awsome if they could do that AND add in some other things!
Written by Philly_Blunt on 2008/03/20

ok this goes out to The G- who wrote on 2006/05/19

what the hell is wrong with you..... regardless of if she dies, the game is still going to be good. did you stop playing the original because she died>? didnt think so. the story would be completely jacked if they let her live. the movie advent children would afterwards make no sense and the original game would be DESTROYED. its people like you who piss me off. ur the kind of jackass that takes a good movie, song, or game and completely messes it up. if they make a remake of the game, movie, song, whatever IT SHOULD BE DONE EXACTLY LIKE IT WAS NOT ADDING 5 BILLION THINGS TO IT. it then becomes a REMIX and not a REMAKE. god damnit.

sine what i had was too long i will finish up by saying that YES NEVERGIVEUP i do agree with you that if they incorperated some advent children possibly some crisis core and dirge of cerberus and whatever other FFVII game into a bad ass game that would be sweet BUT THEY SHOULD LEAVE THE ORIGINAL THE WAY IT WAS.. sure add to the start and finish of the game BUT WHEN FFVII STARTS TO THE TIME IT ENDS DONT MESS WITH IT!!!!!!!! if this isnt clear FEEL FREE to email me at [email protected] i love hate mail so if you hate what i said well.... to fucking bad. email me bitch i couldnt care less

oh and another thing this goes out to MOTHER (1).... JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT ANNOUNCE IT DOESNT MEAN ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... they didnt announce the titanic was going to sink or the hindenberg was going to crash BUT GUESS WHAT, both happened and the world is now somehow smarter because of it. so take a seat and shut the fuck up u stupid ass moron. ok maybe you need a better example then these two examples. hmm how about the whole eastern time zone in the USA going on a black out oh about 3-4 years ago THAT SHIT WASNT ANNOUNCES but hey it happened. ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE FOR DUMBASSES LIKE YOU. i hate you....

and this one is for FF7Petitioner... i like you.. i filled out ur patition and i hope this game gets made :) thats all i have to say for you. ur not completely fucking retarded like half these people in here. and for everyone in here (besides the two cool people i pointed out) if i havent offended you, how couldnt i have.... STOP POSTING DUMB SHIT!!!!!

omg i just read another stupid person....Johnnie... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING... MICROSOFT WILL NEVER GIVE UP... THEY OWN THE WORLD.. ur more then likely using a PC right now if not then ur using a mac and i feel sorry for you HA. anyways... PS3 Wii and 360.... WHO FUCKING CARES.... if you want something that will out perform ANY SYSTEM OUT THERE buy a killer pc. YES it might cost you more but in the long run you wont have to buy a new system every 2-4 years. you got something that will run good now and into the future. anyways thats not what im yelling at you about. XBOX 360 WILL NEVER DIE and you want to know why....

HALO 3. thats all that needs be said. yes FFVII is amazing but halo 3 has a huge fan-base and 360 has a grip on the market right now. even with a FFVII remake there is no way people are gonna be like "oh halo 3 suddenly sucks BLAH" no... BILL GATES IS A GENIUS AND I HATE HIM FOR THAT FUCK HIM. but i own a 360 bc it rocks. ps3 is kewl but my 360 came out first so i got that. :P deal with it people arent gonna convert bc of one game.. theyll just own both. SIMPLE AS THAT...

ok as for this im done like i said if you have a problem. email me. i might read it i might just send you a reply that says fuck you cuz i dont kare. either way.... FFVII is amazing and SO IS 360 SO GET OVER IT sony isnt going to pull a miricle out of its ass. and if anything square might do what devil may cry did AND LAUNCH ON BOTH SYSTEMS WHICH WOULD FUCK OVER PS3 ANYWAYS HA they did it with FF11 WHY NOT DO IT WITH MORE GAMES BILL HAS THE MONEY (coughassclowncough)

email me with ur pissed off letters... email is up there somewhere otherwise here it is again.....

[email protected]

[]D E A C E
Written by B_O_M_B_A on 2008/03/26

FF7 is better than any xbox game, hands down, including Halo 3 which is quite sub-standard in my opinion....
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